Friday, September 18, 2009

About book.

Book title: Sundays at Tiffany's

Author: James Patterson.

Plot: Young girl/lady looking for love and ends up being in a love triangle.

The characters:

Jane- first a young girl in the beginning of the story, then a young woman by the end, who has an imaginary friend. Also a moviewriter who quits her mother's job at a production company, and writes a play based off her experience with meeting her imaginary friend- Micheal.

Micheal- Jane's imaginary friend who becomes human (somehow). Lives in a crappy apartment with other imaginary friends. Leaves Jane when she was younger but comes back to New York, and falls in love with her when she's a 20-something year old.

Vivienne- Jane's uppity mother who's a prodution designer. Looking for her fourth husband. Later on-at her death bed- she's a softie-at-heart.

Jane's Father- Only metioned, seen once in the book at Vivienne's funeral. He has a fling with a younger girlfriend who becomes Jane's stepmom (she looks similar to Vivienne but, isn't snobby like her).

Hugh McGrath- Jane's ex. Former actor who appeared in her movie. Jealous of Micheal barging in. In the end of the book, he still wants to be with Jane, but she shrugs him off.

I think the story was very entertaining and confusing at the same time. My only problem with the story is that I still don't know whether or not Micheal is a human or an Angel throughout the story. The story doesn't explain how he becomes human. The story format was very simple, First person for Jane, and third person for Micheal. Plus, it was very realistically written. That's what I like about the author, he takes his time to build up the suspense in the story.


  1. I really like how you took the time to introduce everyone who follows your blog to the characters in your story. Its a good idea because now you can tell them about your book without them being confused.

  2. Thanks, I usually do that so, I don't get confused when going through the story. ;)