Friday, October 30, 2009

4th book/1st Graphic Novel

So, I'm continuing this lovely blog with another book/my first review of a graphic novel (re: comic book in a big, thick, novel-type format).

As soon as I get the book, of course, I'll post up the review. ;)

Title: Supergirl (Volume 4, first book collection.)

Author: Peter David with art by Gary Frank.

see linkage for blurb:


I just noticed something about the blurb, and I quote " ....Now as the Woman of Steel attempts to balance her new dual life, she finds herself a major player in the centuries-old battle of good versus evil. "

As the "Woman of Steel"?


Interesting that the title of the book says something entirely different.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thoughts on the Big Guy/Gal Upstairs, The Big Guy/Gal Down Below and other theological musings

Okay, I think I'm turning into an Agnostic, even though I'm Jewish.

Here's the thing, I went to synagogue over the eve of Simchat Torah (Re: Giving of the Torah), and after prayers and food I had a lively discussion with a person who's married, let's name her A.

So, A and I are discussing the bible when I point out that God is almost always referred as male. She said, "No, you have it all wrong, hon. On Shabbat (Re: the day of rest), the schekinah- female aspect of God- takes over."

I have this look of confusion on my face and say something along the lines of, "Then why isn't that aspect praised more often?"

She says, "Just look in the prayers."


Then I pointed out another thing that irked me: "Why- In the morning prayers- it says for a guy 'thank God for not making me a woman'. Isn't that sexist?"

She shakes her head and says, "There's more to it than that. It's not sexist. It's praising the woman. The woman is more spiritual than the man is. And the man has more mitzvahs/ good deeds/ more spirituality to achieve then the woman needs. The woman's already at that level."

I just stood there, equally as confused as before.

So she sighs and says, "When you're married, you'll know what I'm talking about."

I don't get it.

Woman are on a 'higher level' even though they are still regarded as a minority and a submissive party- both in religion and in life.

I don't get it at all.

Do I believe in a God? Maybe.

Is It female? Maybe.

Do I believe in Some Higher Power? Definetely. Just don't know what kind it is, yet.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Okay, I had a bunch of stuff to re-type. My Final paper-for one, and the previous post is another.

I'll try to get some more stuff up over the next week.

Third Book If you're keeping count.

Title: The Better to Hold You.

Author: Alisa Sheckley.

Terms used:

Unwolf- a shapeshifter that has a genetic predisposition for changing into an animal.

Were-wolf- a "Wolf Man". Can't change into an animal, but into a hairier human with hieghtened senses.

Main characters

Abra- A vet who is a student at an Animal Medical Institute. Tends to be a klutz. Loses things. Says things on her mind that offends others. Becomes an Unwolf by making love with her ex-fiance by the end of the book- Hunter.

Hunter- Abra's fiance. Now, Ex-fiance. Just came back from Romania on a journalism-turned- book research project on wild wolves. Is a Were-wolf. Cheats on Abra with his Unwolf mentor, Magda. Has the lythrocanthropic virus.

Magda- Hunter's mentor. Infertile and an Unwolf .

Red- Rednecked Un-wolf. Becomes Abra's lover by the end of the book. Works as a Wildlife Removal Operator.

Jackie- Red's Girlfriend. Is a human.

Mom/ Piper Lefever- Mother of Abra. Former big-time actress. Is in a lesbian relationship with Grania- a young Vet student who studies alot, unlike Abra, who didn't study at all.

Dad- Split with Mom. Has a girlfriend. Is mention a few times but isn't seen in the book, physically.

Moon- Dad's Girlfriend. claims she's "psychic".

Malachy- British Staff Vet., experiments on himself with the lythrocanthropic/Unwolf virus. Develops an anti-virus for Abra later on in the story but it doesn't work. It only supresses her menstral cramps and makes her lose hair.

Ofer- Student at Medical Institute. Has a background in Neurology.

Sam- Student at Medical Institute. Very intelligent.

Lilliana- Abra's best friend. Has a degree in Social Neuroscience and is fluent in the Facial Action Coding System- Re: she knows what people are really saying without speaking. She just looks at their facial expression. (Maybe I should go into that :D)

Pia- A wolf/dog hybrid at the Facility.

Duncan- Bouvier. Had a fork stuck in his cheek. (He wen't for his owner's steak and got barbed.)


Okay, even though this book has a ton of characters, it was an extremely entertaining and comical read. Not, only is the main character, Abra, sassy, she's a vet who goes through her daily life complete with twists and turns. From breaking into her own apartment when her fiance doesn't even answer his cell phone, to becoming an Unwolf. The story has a great pace and builds up with suspense by the end of the book. Everything in the story, follows chronologically. So, you can realize what goes on, even if you skip a part.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

blog posts

Blog topic: If this is the first time in a long time you're reading outside of class, what are your thoughts about it? Is this something you would likely do on your own in the future? If you read for pleasure regularly, why do you do it? What satisfaction does it provide for you?

I actually think reading outside of class,reviewing and posting about the book is a lot of fun. I'd definitely continue it in the future.


I read for pleasure regularly because I find it fun to immerse myself into a new book or an old one and find something about the character that I haven't noticed before.


It satisfies a physical crave that I have (Well, besides eating, of course). Reading takes me out of my life and into other peoples' lives. So, I find it exhilarating.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Characters and notes.

Good Guys

Zoey Redbird- Main character. Fledgling vampire-turned-High Priestess. can control the four elements:Air, Earth ,Water, and Fire.

Stevie Rae- Zoey's Best friend turned Red Fledgling.

Darius-Medic vampire/warrior.

Damien- Homosexual vampire who's best friends with Jack. Affinity with air.

Shawnee- Erin's "Twin". Affinity for Fire.

Erin- Affinity for water. Shaunee's "Twin"

Aphrodite- Snobby vampire- turned- human, now a goody-two-shoes, Has visions of the future. Hates being called Good. Now, mentally Imprinted with Stevie Rae.

Heath-Zoey's human ex-boyfriend.

Erik Night- Zoey's vampire boyfriend.

Stark- Bad boy of the group. Never misses his mark. Abuses,feeds, and rapes off of a young girl -Becca. Becomes the High Priestess' warrior/servant person.

Loren- first- first vampire boyfriend. Zoey loses her virginity to him.

Becca- Young girl.

Venus- Aphrodite's ex-best friend, now new head snob.

Professor Dragon- Fencing instructor.

Professor Lenobia- Equestrian instructor.

Red Fledglings- have mind control powers

Stevie Rae- Head of her group.

Dallas- Born in Houston. good with building stuff.

Ant/Anthony- Apparently din't hit puberty when he bacame a vampire.

Elliot-pudgy, pale.

Kramisha-African American. writes prophetic poetry. Becomes the Poet Lauriate.

Shannoncompton (No reallly. This is how it's spelled.)- Caucasian,brunette.

Uber-Bad Guys

Kalona- Goes into everyone's dreams-a lot. Can paralyze people at will. Fallen Angel.

Professor Neferet- has an affinity with cats, very psychic. becomes Kalona's uhm.. lover.... in a naughty way..

Raven Mockers- wierd bird/human hybrids.

Raphiel- former frind of Damien. came from the same group. Now, a bad guy.

Okay. Now what to say about all of this...

First off the story reads like a rip-off off Harry Potter : with the vampires taking the place of the wizard school.

Second, there are way too many characters in this story to keep track of. A note to the author: try to skim the story down to around 5 main characters.

and lastly, there is a lot of eroticism in this book. So, be warned.