Friday, October 30, 2009

4th book/1st Graphic Novel

So, I'm continuing this lovely blog with another book/my first review of a graphic novel (re: comic book in a big, thick, novel-type format).

As soon as I get the book, of course, I'll post up the review. ;)

Title: Supergirl (Volume 4, first book collection.)

Author: Peter David with art by Gary Frank.

see linkage for blurb:


I just noticed something about the blurb, and I quote " ....Now as the Woman of Steel attempts to balance her new dual life, she finds herself a major player in the centuries-old battle of good versus evil. "

As the "Woman of Steel"?


Interesting that the title of the book says something entirely different.


  1. How did you like reading a graphic novel? I would like to try reading one.

  2. Didn't get to do it yet. I realized the book's actually out of print.

    DC really needs to update stuff like this.

  3. Update: I got the graphic novel that I posted up here so...