Thursday, October 8, 2009

Characters and notes.

Good Guys

Zoey Redbird- Main character. Fledgling vampire-turned-High Priestess. can control the four elements:Air, Earth ,Water, and Fire.

Stevie Rae- Zoey's Best friend turned Red Fledgling.

Darius-Medic vampire/warrior.

Damien- Homosexual vampire who's best friends with Jack. Affinity with air.

Shawnee- Erin's "Twin". Affinity for Fire.

Erin- Affinity for water. Shaunee's "Twin"

Aphrodite- Snobby vampire- turned- human, now a goody-two-shoes, Has visions of the future. Hates being called Good. Now, mentally Imprinted with Stevie Rae.

Heath-Zoey's human ex-boyfriend.

Erik Night- Zoey's vampire boyfriend.

Stark- Bad boy of the group. Never misses his mark. Abuses,feeds, and rapes off of a young girl -Becca. Becomes the High Priestess' warrior/servant person.

Loren- first- first vampire boyfriend. Zoey loses her virginity to him.

Becca- Young girl.

Venus- Aphrodite's ex-best friend, now new head snob.

Professor Dragon- Fencing instructor.

Professor Lenobia- Equestrian instructor.

Red Fledglings- have mind control powers

Stevie Rae- Head of her group.

Dallas- Born in Houston. good with building stuff.

Ant/Anthony- Apparently din't hit puberty when he bacame a vampire.

Elliot-pudgy, pale.

Kramisha-African American. writes prophetic poetry. Becomes the Poet Lauriate.

Shannoncompton (No reallly. This is how it's spelled.)- Caucasian,brunette.

Uber-Bad Guys

Kalona- Goes into everyone's dreams-a lot. Can paralyze people at will. Fallen Angel.

Professor Neferet- has an affinity with cats, very psychic. becomes Kalona's uhm.. lover.... in a naughty way..

Raven Mockers- wierd bird/human hybrids.

Raphiel- former frind of Damien. came from the same group. Now, a bad guy.

Okay. Now what to say about all of this...

First off the story reads like a rip-off off Harry Potter : with the vampires taking the place of the wizard school.

Second, there are way too many characters in this story to keep track of. A note to the author: try to skim the story down to around 5 main characters.

and lastly, there is a lot of eroticism in this book. So, be warned.

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