Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yay! Payed for the I should be good.

As stated before in the previous post, I signed up for my courses and payed for them.

So, I should be good for the semster coming up.

Besides, I'm celebrating New Year's the old fashioned way- by going to a fancy-schmancy restaraunt that my sister works at. (ooh, the discounts we're going to get!)




I need to hang out with a bunch of my friends over the vacation.


I haven't gotten the chance to, because of chores and stuff to do over the house.

I need to plan something. Maybe I'll hang out with them at the mall (right after I coerce my dad to fork over some money to get an I-pod touch.) *Evil smirk*


And finally:

My New Year resolutions are:

1. Get an I-Pod Touch- (My sister got one before me and besides, I'm way behind on modern technology.[I still have a CD player and a cassette player]).

2. To make sure my family's happy over the year- (Been dealing with arguements from both parents and cleaning the house non-stop. Need to make them happy in some way.)

3. To make sure I'm happy- because who wouldn't try to do that for themselves? We all need to be happy in one way or another. (Whether it would be physical needs or emotional ones.)

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