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Okay, I'm on Twitter and I'm addicted...

I'm on there as @ealperin if you guys want to chat with me. There are days when I'm off it though... So, If I haven't been on the whole day It probably means I'm busy cleaning or walking around the college at random moments in the day.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So, I watched "The Boy Who Cried Werewolf"

(Disclaimer: the picture above is courtesy of google. So, I don't own crud.)

As the title says, It's a werewolf flick.

Now, before seeing this movie I thought it was one of those movies that was just scrapped up together-because vampires were "so last year" and werewolves are the "It" thing, now- with no actual plot and no great one-liners, but it's actually a great film!

Victoria Justice stars in this one as Jordan Sands- the ultimate geek who's horrible at sports and doesn't have great hand-eye co-ordination, is a vegan, has a crush with the uber-jock in the school-who later cheats on her with a popular chick, and has allergies to grass, dogs and pollen.

She has an annoying little brother who's hooked onto video games, skips school-karma comes back around for him, though- and pranks everyone around him and ends up becoming a biological werewolf.

They live with their dad (their mom passed away when they were young)and the daughter tries to hook him up with the next neighbor.

Strange things abound when a mysterious package winds up-literally-on their doorstep: they end up inheriting a Romanian castle that holds a bunch of creepy secrets-including Brooke Shields as the memorable and creepy "Madame Varcolac" (insert a wolf howl here) along with a horrible Romanian-accent.

Her dad gets a romantic love interest-well actually two- one is their next door neighbor in their original home and the other is an over-achieving real-estate agent who turns out to be a vampire in Wolfsburg, Romainia.

Basically, werewolves are the good guys in this flick, and vampires are the evil ones.

So, after two days of crappy wi-fi connections and scoping around the neighborhood where Jordan meets Goran, another person with a bad accent ^_^ -a new love interest who also happens to work as a butcher in a market place, Jordan and her brother Hunter, find a hidden passageway in the castle with a wifi connection.

They snoop around and find a bunch of vials filled with blood in the back of the room. When Madame Varcolac comes looking for them, Jordan drops the vial of werewolf blood in a rush and accidentally steps onto the glass shards, infecting her with it.

So, she changes- sprouting fur in unwanted places, gets enhanced senses, becomes agile and acrobatic, has super-fast reflexes, gets cravings for meat and has mood swings.

Either way, there's a happy ending; she dumps the popular guy after he asks her to prom, bringing Goran all the way from Romania to be her date.

The whole cast even has a memorable sing-along- at the end of the movie- to Britney Spears' hit "Oops did it again". There were lots of running gags in this film, too. The wolf howls being one of them.

The movie reminded me a lot of the plot to Spiderman and it works here, too: a dorky kid gets superpowers after a freak accident and tries to change the world.

It's a great film, though. And I plan to download it once I get an I-pod touch or I-phone.

Friday, October 15, 2010

I’m Anything But Ordinary: A Supergirl Fan Looks Back At What Made Supergirl “Super”

There’s something that I want to get off my chest right now: I’m a female comic book fan. I’ve been one my whole life. The problem is not many people-my parents are included in this- agree with the fact that females can read comic books, because they’re geared mostly towards the guys (Sequential Tart). However, I’m the exception to this belief. This is who I am. Now, if you could be anyone you admire who would it be and why? It’s a question many people have asked me throughout my life. As I write this, there are a bunch of women whose characteristics I admire: Lynda Carter’s wonderful-pardon the pun- and humanistic portrayal of Wonder Woman on the 1970’s TV series; Kristen Bell’s offbeat humor as the title character in Veronica Mars; Mellissa Etheridge’s rhythm and guitar skills- which when done acoustically sound amazing; My mother’s spectacular “sixth sense” of knowing what I’m doing at home when she’s calling me from work; and, finally, Jane Austen’s satirical outlook on life in the Victorian Era- just to name a few. But, being the comic book enthusiast that I am, I’m actually going to pick a fictional female character I’ve admired for this one: Supergirl.

Growing up, I was immersed in fantasy TV shows like “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”. My dad and I would memorize the schedule and set time aside so that we would sit on the couch and watch the latest episode. After the show aired, he and I would discuss what we liked and didn’t like about the episode and what would we have done if we were in the main character’s shoes. When I was around 15, I went online and saw a comic book series that changed my mind (and later my life) about picking a male Superhero- which was Batman at the time-mind you: It was called Supergirl and it was written by some guy named Peter David back in 1996- who I later found wrote a bunch of fan fiction before his run on Supergirl (David) . He took a character that was so two-dimensional back in the 1960’s through the 1980’s and made her sound…well…human. The back story of this series starts off with a shape shifting Supergirl from a galaxy “far, far away” who lands on Earth intent on saving a young woman named Linda Danvers from becoming a Satanic cult sacrifice. When she does save Linda, Supergirl blends by-God-knows-what-sort-of-means with Linda and the two become one: “…One who lost her faith and another who gained it.” (Supergirl, Volume 4, Issue 1.) She lived in a small town called Leesburg with her parents, had a boyfriend named Richard Malverne, and she even argued with her parents-who almost divorced when they found out about her fighting crime as Supergirl (issue, 14.). Her mom was an alcoholic, and her dad was a cop (issues 16-19). Comet the Superhorse was no longer a horse, now, but a centaur/ male superhero whose alter ego was a lesbian and Linda’s boyfriend, Richard, died of an inexplicably large tumor near his liver, in a later story arc, which sends her, both as Supergirl and Linda, spiraling into a deep depression (issues, 47-48).

Mixing the perky, larger-than-life-shape-shifting-pink-pile-of-goo that was Supergirl with a human that had a dark past was perfect. She was everything that I wanted to be and similar to me, too… well, except for the demonic cult sacrifice bit. She was sarcastic, blunt, stubborn, strong, brave and not afraid to speak her mind when others confronted her. My favorite sarcastic quote is in one scene in issue 21, Supergirl is in her secret Identity as Linda Danvers and is being hauled away by a villain and she says this: “Terrific. The most powerful female in Leesburg [is] being carted around like a sack of wheat. This’ll look great on my resume.”(Page 14). There were even some hints as to her being a homosexual (issue 26 page 4-21)-which was interesting, as Andy, a friend of hers, puts it in the same issue, “…It’s great to be loved. No greater feeling in the world. And maybe he’s [Richard, her boyfriend at the time] where your head is at…Or maybe your interests are really elsewhere and it’s just the emotion that draws you.”(Page 12). She, like me, even has faith issues. In issue 19, Supergirl befriends a bow-tie-baseball-bat carrying boy who claims that he’s “God”. I envied the fact that she could even talk to him, let alone discuss theological issues with him and ask him questions (pages 6-9). Specifically, she says, “You say you’re God. Prove it.” He then laughs and asks her what In particular does she want him to do and she replies, sarcastically “A miracle is the traditional method.” (page 7).

Sadly, the series ended in 2003, but it had another unexpected twist or two. Supergirl/ Linda lost her powers halfway through the series, and then regained some of them in time to meet the original perky Supergirl. She also went back in time to try and prevent the death of the perky Supergirl, marry Superman, and have a daughter named Ariella. The perky Supergirl ended up dying, either way. Feeling burdened with the guilt, Linda hung up the cape feeling that she “couldn’t live up to the high standards” that the ‘S’ had (Many Happy Returns story arc).

In my fan fictions, I looked deep into the psyche of the character and tried to find out what made her tick: the symbiotic relationships, did her relationships with people she once knew, change between her and her supporting cast mates? (Supergirl: Legends, Part 3), and most of all what happened in that mind of hers as soon as she got those abilities , her reason for saving people in the first place and why she does it to begin with (Supergirl: Legends, Chapter 10). Not only are there symbiotic relationships but there’s her lasting legacy as a hero in general, the following quote says it best, “People in this world call me their savior, Richard. But the truth is I’m nothing like that. I can’t control who I save today, but I can control who will be saved tomorrow, the next day, or the day after. I’m not perfect; Richard and I don’t expect you to be. But I’m here to make the world right.” (Supergirl: Legends, Chapter 10)

In conclusion, It was who Supergirl was that made her one of my favorite female comic book characters. Mr. David took a character that was so two-dimensional back in the 1960’s through the 1980’s and made her sound…well…human. She had similar a personality to me about being sarcastic about life, others questioning my sexuality, being a kid at heart, faith and being a true hero. In the end, being the exception to the rule that females can’t read comic books because they’re geared towards guys, made me look back at what made them “super” in the first place.

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Comic Review – Team Spectacular

Man, I was a preemie, too. Maybe I should do something like this: Comic Review – Team Spectacular

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Okay, I'm doing a fictional character for the essay... and other updates...

Okay, now, I'm apparently going to the wedding since I have a choice of either staying at home and cleaning or going to Brooklyn with my sister and her friend.(and my sister said I'm coming to the bride-to be.)


Now for the essay, a while back I told you guys that I'm doing an essay on who I admire and that I picked either my mom or myself for that...

well... instead, I'm picking Supergirl (the 1996-2003 version written by Peter David.)


Picture taken from (Issue 4 page 21):

This should get interesting...

Monday, October 4, 2010

So, the verdict turns out to be...

I had an argument with my mom about going to the NYCC last night, and she doesn't want me to go.

So, I guess I won't be going, again.

She even talked to the guy who's taking me, and told him her issue about it...

So, on the bright side: Either way, we're probably going watch Kick-Ass, together on Sunday. And I'm not going to the wedding, I barely know the people who are getting married.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Can't remember what happened last night... and other recent news...

Disclaimer to readers: All the pics on this post are from google, therefore, I don't own them.


last night I went down with my brother (who's officially billed as David Webb's producer) and sister to Six Flags and met up with David Webb (he's the head-guy for the NY section of this Tea Party-thing that's been all over the news) for the "Restoring America Rally":

(the picture above is from here:

I had alot of fun! I also met up with Andrew Wilkow (who brought family and his little girl to the rally):

Some guy named Walid Shoebat. (I got a free magnet from him that says "You have now entered a Lashon Hora-Free Zone. Lashon Hora is loosely translated [by me] in Hebrew for trying to not speak decietefully against others :

Lloyd Marcus (who was hillarious! he sang a Frank Sinatra song and had ladies from the audience join in on "New York,New York" for a long kick line) [after the perfomance he went down to the loo, where I congragulated him (outside, of course)on a job well done.]:

Andrew "Hard Hat Andy" Sullivan (I loved his patriotic hard hat, and I'm getting a few pictures of him sent by mail. Probably even signed, too.):

I saw Judge Napolitano walk around the back of the stage with a bunch of security guards.:

Didn't get to meet Glen Back,though. We ended up leaving as he walked in:

Chatted with David Webb about current issues like what his thoughts were on about the Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi/the guy that jumped from the GWB:

Me: "So what's your view about it?

Mr. Webb: "It's a sad thing, It should've never happened."

Me: "Yeah, with technology nowadays, poeple can do the stupidest things and post them. They don't even realize the consequences until a few seconds later."

I agree, Mr. Webb, I agree.

It's sad that with the technology we have these days, we can push someone to do something stupid like that.

Later on in the night, I went out with my siblings and had my first clubbing experience.

All I remember is that I showed my sister a thing or two about taking a shot of vodka straight up.

Hangovers suck. I can barely type today, because of it.

In some way or another, the pictures from last night are going to surface onto Facebook...

and when it does, it should be interesting.... I wonder how the picture came out.

P.s As I went over this for a post-edit, I realized I had a buch of typos. Man, my hands don't want to work with me today!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Okay...I'm planning to go to New York Comic con 2010

Okay...It's official:

I'm planning to go to New York Comic Con 2010. Need to tell my mom-first off, then buy the tickets and plan who I'm cosplaying (re: dressing up to all you non-comic book geeks) as.

Either it's Mariabai (as seen below from Superman issue #692) [it's a difficult costume to make,'cause there's a bunch of stuff that goes along with it.]:

or Linda Danvers (which is a simple costume consisting of jeans,a plaid jacket and a pair of converse sneakers)[Yeah, since this is the easiest to make, I'm probably choosing this one.]:

The picture below is from "Supergirl Plus Shazam" Page 8:

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Okay, came in early for class...

Got to college early. This day should get interesting...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Untitled Story: Violet Vigilante...Wait, that's a title...

A practice on dialogue: edited for your enjoyment.

Note to Readers: Some names of the characters here are made up, other names are actually-gasp- real. Sort of auto-biographical. But I had fun with this, did seven revisions-yeah seven- of the same thing. Got a B+ on it when I got it back last semester. Yay!

Notes from teacher: The whole God/biblical authors-issue down there's debatable. ^_^ Need to practice on creating a good "bad guy" character for this tiny side-project. Character's "too powerful", needs a weakness.

Thinking of doing a comic to this... Anyways, here it is...

My name shouldn’t be a concern to you, but if you’re inclined to know stuff like that, then my name’s Esther. As for my age, well, let’s just say I’m legally able to drink here in the good ol’ U.S. of A where I was born in New York and raised in central New Jersey. Now, for my occupation: I’m a college student by day… and by night?

Well, I do things that you humans don’t do. It’s not anything illegal; If you thought that then shame on you. I might have to come after you for that; if you are what I think you are. Yeah, you heard me right; what not who. You see, I’m not exactly “human”, I may look like one, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

Okay, the truth is: I hunt evil. You think I’m nuts, don’t you? Well, evil does exist, physically, mentally, even psychically…but most of all, paranormally. It can come at any place, any time- usually around the magic stroke of 12, and when it does, I’m there. I’m not a demon, though I’m related to a force similar to it- I’m an Angel: (A hidden one, to be exact.)

It all began when I was walking through the park one day on the way home. I sensed that I had dropped something from my backpack on the way, so naturally, I stopped, kneeled down and looked through my school bag.

I felt a breeze behind me. Thinking it was the wind, I ignored it. Boy was I wrong about that assumption.

“Hi!” I heard a lost voice that I haven’t talked to in two years.

I looked up and said only one word, “Eric?”

He nodded; his baby blue eyes were now a startling form of violet.

“What happened to you? Well- other than you dying.” I asked him.

He smirked, “The Big Guy gave me Ascension.”

“A what?” , I said giving him a quizzical look.

He sighed, “He turned me into one of his angelic messengers.”

“You say it as if that’s a bad thing.” I said, smirking.

“It isn’t.” he said sternly, giving me a glare.

“Right... So, how are you?”

I mentally rolled my eyes, annoyed at myself that I couldn’t think of anything
better to say. Note to self: never say that, again.

“I’m good”, he said lowering his gaze at me. His voice turned serious with a mischievous little smirk.

“Look Esther. I don’t have a lot of time, but there’s something I need to give to
you before you go. Besides, The Big Guy has a Halo 3 tournament at twelve with
Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Swayze.”

I chuckled and then he leaned in close and kissed me. I felt renewed, somehow. Like

I had gained something else without knowing what it was. I walked home, dazed, as he

The next evening, I woke up in my room and went into the bathroom, doing what I usually do- and took a shower. After I had taken the shower, I noticed that I had changed. I mean, I still had my thick, dark hair and bushy eyebrows, but my eyes had changed as I looked really close at them. They were once a dark chocolate brown and now they were a dark violet; just like Eric’s eyes.

“Hi there,” he said appearing cheerfully inside the mirror.

I nearly screamed, but held it in and leapt a foot in the air, realizing that I was hovering. Not to mention I had a massive headache.

“H-What did you do to me?!” I stammered at him.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“You call this-” I pointed to where there was a gap of air between me and the floor of the bathroom, “NOTHING?!” I seethed, trying to keep my voice down and glared at the hazy mirror with his face on it.

“Look, I did you a favor. The thing is, we need you the way you are now-”

“What do you need me for? No wait, I know. So I could be part of a three ring
circus!” I said sarcastically perking an eyebrow.

He was about to say something when I interrupted him again, “Who’s ‘we’?”

“Me, the Big Guy, and others like me,” he said ticking each point off with his fingers.
“Okay…So, what happened?” I said slowly.

He sighed, “Well, do you remember what happened on the sixth day of Creation?”

I wasn’t dumb. I had been to Hebrew School and knew it by heart.

“Yeah, God created Day and Night.”

He waggled a finger, “Ah, but that’s where our story begins. The authors of the Bible forgot to mention that the Big Guy created Good and Evil, too. You see, the evil that exists today is far worse than what fiction seems to be. -”

“What are you getting at?” I asked, quizzically.

“There are Demons and Angels, both good and bad, but there’s only one person in every generation-”

“Let me guess- I’m ‘The Chosen One’, right?”

He groaned, “You’re not Buffy Summers, Esther! You’re the Angel of Justice.”

“And cue the triumphant music” I said, ignoring him and focused on a soap bar in the
bathroom- intently. It floated a few feet upwards. “Dude, I have telekinesis? Sweet!”

“Will you listen to me for once?!” he snapped. I quickly turned my head in his direction and the soap bar dropped with a soft thud into the sink.

“Now that you have these gifts, you need to be careful using them.” He continued.

“And how do you suppose I do that?” I asked him.

“You’ll find a way.” He said giving me a wink as he vanished into thin air, leaving me in the bathroom for a few minutes.

I went downstairs, looked at the clock, and realized I just missed my morning course.

“How come no one told me it was already four in the evening?” I screamed to no one
in particular. The dog woke up with a start, following me to the kitchen.

I noticed the house was empty, except for a note on the fridge by my mom.

There’s money on the piano, sorry about not waking you. You looked peaceful just sleeping. Remember to clean the house before I come home and get the cell phone.

I sighed, taking the note off of the fridge. My sister was at work, so was my mom and dad. And as usual I had to get the house cleaned before I go anywhere. I grinned.

This is where the fun begins.

I cleaned the house in half an hour, grabbed the cell phone, and my backpack before
I left.

I went to the college by bus and met my friend Chu at the lounge.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“Nothing much.” I replied monotonously, as she put her note book down and circled around me.

“You look different.” She stated.

“Uhm. I washed my hair with a different shampoo?” I said, my voice cracking a bit.

She put a finger to her mouth and stroked her chin, “Nope. Not that.”

Then I felt it: something, a bad vibe coming from behind me.

“Excuse me for a minute.” I said, lowering my voice, looking at where that feeling
is coming from.

I saw college kids in all heights and shapes: tall, short, skinny, pudgy. But there
was one that was different and I bet that he could sense it, too. Then he vanished.

I walked to the wall near the student center, ripped off my glasses, stuffing them
into my back pocket as my eyes shifted to a bright violet.

I picked up his scent of off the wall. He was about to go into a dark alleyway; I just hoped that I could make it in time.

I concentrated on teleporting. Sifting through the usual chatter around school, I heard a stifled scream. In one swift movement I lifted my head and teleported right
in front of Katie- a good friend of mine, who was about to become a human shish kabob for a demon.

“You really don’t want to do that.” I said, staring into his red-black eyes.

Peeling off my jacket off, Katie stared at me, blue-eyes wide open, holding onto the gutter near the brick wall for dear life.

He froze. A wicked looking knife stopped inches towards my face.

I grabbed the knife, broke the blade, along with the hilt, and told him to run, my eyes already a deadly shade of violet.

“Thank you-,” she said gratefully, then looked closely at me.

I felt her eyes squint at me for a second as I half-turned towards her and
said, “Your Welcome.” in a hushed tone.

Her mouth hung open, as I pushed off and flew back to the main part of college,
landing in a deserted back alley, brushing the loose fragments of the knife off of my jacket.

“Hey, Esther!”

My eyes widened, startled at the deep-but chipper- voice.

Someone saw me?

As I emerged from the back alley, I saw a tall long-haired, blond young man standing near the walkway holding a pair of super-large headphones. A black wire snaked out of his jeans pocket, which was holding an I-pod.

I narrowed my eyes at Axe.

“Oh, It’s you.”, I deadpanned.

“Something wrong?” he asked me as he put his inhumanly- large hands around me, giving me a hug, which I gave back to him.

I looked at him, “With me? Nah. Just have things on my mind.”

He smiled at me as we walked in perfect cadence with each other, “Penny for your thoughts?”

I chuckled at him, “You know me by now, Axe. You’d have enough money to buy yourself two I-pads.”

He smirked, noting that they’re expensive, then lowered his voice, “I’m serious, Esther. Is there something wrong? You haven’t chatted with anyone in the Anime club for over a month, now. We were beginning to think you were abandoning us.”

“You’re my best friends. I’d never do that. Just had a bunch of papers to hand i-” I paused, “-You know you almost gave me a heart attack back there?”

“Sorry.” He said, sheepishly. He knew I got scared easily.

“So what’s up with you? Any new movie showings over there or club events I’m not aware of?” I asked him as we settled into an empty table at the cafeteria.

His eyes brightened, “As a matter of fact, Yeah. The club’s going to Anime Boston.
Just wondering if you’re up to it. I mean, if your mom lets and all-”

I smiled, “Don’t worry. I’ve been getting good grades so far in the semester. I’m definitely ready to finally go to a convention.”

I’ve been waiting to go to one since I was 13, but haven’t had the chance to do it until now.

“You know you can make one, right?” he stated.

I nodded, “Yeah, but Katie’s usually the one that helps me out with the costumes. Well, I gotta go. Have class soon. I’ll talk to you on Monday, ‘kay?, if I get here early.”

“Sure thing.” He said, his hazel eyes glanced at me for a second.

“You ok?” I asked him, quizzically.

“Something looks different about you. Just can’t place it, that’s all.” He said slowly, as if measuring his words against my gaze.

As my sister and I pulled up to school the next day, I saw a reporter outside of the school.

“What’s up with that?” , my sister asked me as I shrugged.

I scanned the area to see if Katie was around and I saw her all the way in the back, heading inside.

Tight security around campus, too.

A crowd had already gathered around the dark-haired brunette reporter with gray eyes.

As soon as my sister drove off, the reporter came alongside of me and asked, “ So, what are your opinions about this purple vigilante that’s bouncing around campus?”

“Purple vigilante?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at her.

That’s what they’re calling me?

“Rumor has it that the people around here like her. “, she stated.

“Well, I’m all for it. We need more people like her around. God only knows what can
happen around here at nightfall.” I said, smiling at her.

“Are you a friend of the victim, Katie?”

I paused, correcting her, “First of all, she’s not a victim, she’s a very good
friend of mine.”

“I see. So, you must be grateful to see her-” she said.

I nodded.

“-back in one piece.” , she finished.

I narrowed my eyes at her. My eyes faintly glowing in a deadly shade of
violet, “What are you trying to imply here, Mrs. -That I’m not thankful for counting
my blessings and hers, too? Let me ask you something: if you were in my friends' position, would you be thankful for surviving this ordeal, or would you go after the poor idiot who did this to you?”

She looked at me, mouth hung open, then cleared her throat, “There you have it folks, another campus student thankful for this unknown hero. Signing off, this is Jessica Stein for Reporter Daily.”

“And that’s a wrap.” The cameraman said as he shut off the hulking mass of recording machinery on his shoulder.

“That’s for sure.-” Stein acknowledged, then turned to me, “ Y’know, kid, you gave me some good footage here. Too bad I got to cut some of it out so we can get it on the air.”

I shrugged, “Gave it my best shot. I’m going to be seeing this on the news, tonight?”

She nodded.


I headed towards Creative Writing, where, of course, everyone was excitedly talking about the hero thing.

“What’s up?” I asked Terrence who, in turn looked at me oddly.

“You don’t know? Rumor has it that there’s this purple-eyed Superhero running’ around.”

“So I’ve heard. What do you think about her-I mean, it.” I quickly corrected myself, thankful he didn’t notice.

“I think whoever it is-is doing a great job. I mean, a superhero-here, of all the places?” he smiled.

I saw Bones slumped near the back wall, headphones up, metal music blaring.
She looked at me took off her headphones and shrugged, “If you’re asking me. I think it’s a prank.”

I slid near her, sitting near the wall, bringing my arms around my knees, “How’s so?”

“Oh, C’mon. Either it’s just a ploy for a new mascot or whoever this kid is-is pulling off one of the greatest mysteries ever. I mean the cops are relying on a visual of a fast –moving-purple blur, which they got from a security camera. Didn’t show a thing. No facial recognition. Nothing. It only shows the victim looking stunned for a full two minutes.”

I looked at her, “That’s odd.”

But I smiled inwardly.

“You’re telling me.” She said as she scooped up her belongings and walked into the classroom.

The class ended early and Aria asked if I was going to the cafeteria. I nodded.

As I was walking upstairs, I felt a bad vibe.

I stiffened and scanned the stairway.

“You ok?”

Aria asked me and as we walked into the cafeteria, it faded.

“Yeah I think-“

As we got some food, the bad vibe started again.

Someone was following me.

“I’m going to use the ladies room.” I said cautiously, as I walked towards the bathroom, food in hand.

The pull was stronger out here.

I narrowed my eyes again, scanning everyone that passed me by; eyes turning a bright violet, again.

Focusing intently, my eyesight zoomed in-to friends and enemies alike. It was like looking through the scope of a camera-sharpening on the object, while everything else around it was distorted.

The feeling faded.

Turning off the “hyper-zoom”, I walked back inside the cafeteria where I bumped into Katie.

“Hey, what’s up?” I said to her as I helped pick up her laptop.

“Nothing much.”

“You noticed the tight security around here?” I said as I noted more public service rent-a-cops that usual in the cafeteria.

“Yeah.-” she nodded, “I assume yopu were filled in on the vigilante stuff?”

I nodded, “Yeah. Strange thing is- don’t really consider myself one.”

Her eyes widened as she stammered, “Y-You’re her?”

I nodded and told her to be quiet.

She cleared her throat, “Well, at least you weren’t hounded by reporters nonstop.”

“You’re wrong on that one.” I said smiling, “Had a run in with Jessica Stein.”

She looked up, stunned, “Jessica Stein? The Jessica Stein?”

“Yeah what’s the big deal?”

“She’s like the one-woman version of TMZ.”

“Oh, so that’s a bad thing, right?” I said, slowly.

She shook her head, “Nah. She tends to be even worse than ‘The Smoking Gun’. She
hasn’t had a big hit since the Rosie fallout.”

“‘Rosie fallout’? As in Rosie O’ Donell?” I asked her as we got some food.

“Yeah, that’s the one. She predicted Rosie’s show will go on for another decade.
Guess she was wrong about that.”

She slurped on her juice box.

I smirked, “I kind of liked her show, though. It wasn’t like the shows we have now where anyone can be famous just by doing something stupid. I mean, Jerry Springer spinoff starring the main security guy from the show? Kind of lame if you ask me.”

She laughed, and then I saw her eyes darken.

“You heard about what happened to Holly?” Katie asked me as we got some food.

I shook my head, “No. What happened?”

“She tried to do some dark magic spell last week and it back fired.”

“Is she okay?”

“That depends on what you think ‘okay’ is.” she said, slurping on a juice box.

“Well-I just hope she isn’t hurt. That’s all.” I said, giving a shrug.

As I walked home from school, I walked through Radburn Park, noticing something different. Katie said something about Holly experimenting with dark magic- which can’t be good considering the fact that she just got her Wiccan license last year and told me that she experimented with some minor spells on a few friends of hers.

I listened to the background noise, thinking it could give me an idea.
Instead, I heard the crunch of leaves behind me.

I knew that the footsteps weren’t my own: they felt lighter and fell with a slow
pacing to them.

“Looking for these, Esther?” I heard her say, appearing out of a nearby brush in a pinkish haze.

No. It couldn’t be…

“Holly?” I said, my voice faltering as she held up my civilian clothes, “-But how?”

She smirked, her eyes glittering; a blood red with a hidden knowledge, “If I told you that then I’d have to kill you, right?”


Friday, September 17, 2010

A few weeks into the semester and I already have homework?!

So, over the week I've had a bunch of assignments for my courses:

-Mostly Math homework (which involves having to go on a site and solve a bunch of little equations.)I'm doing well, so far. I go to tutoring for this stuff so, I'm going to have to see if that works ...

-I have a Speech Communication assignment due later on in the semester, that I'm doing with a small group. It involves looking at Taiwanese culture (which I know absolutely nothing about.)

-and in my History course I have to do a two-paged essay assignment regarding -and I quote- "Which woman do you admire?" Doesn't have to be in History, Per Se, which is wonderful. In the end, I might do myself or my mom. Either way, we're both admirable.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Okay... I saw "Eat Pray Love"

Okay, over the week I had a sister night out with my little sis and we saw "Eat Pray Love". Y'know that Julia Roberts movie "everybody's" (and I'm using that term very loosely here.) talking about? Yeah, that one.

Look, don't get me wrong here; Julia Roberts and James Franco are amazing actors but the movie was too long! I just can't sit on my booty that long, looking at the rest of the movie go-ers in the theatre ,thinking to myself, "when will it end?"

Btw, I have some wonderful comics news to share with you all over at my Livejournal!

(And no. I'm not spoiling it over here). Enjoy!:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Okay, I signed up for the coming semester and here's some other stuff I haven't gotten to yet..

Okay, I signed up for my courses in the coming Fall semester. Now the only thing I need to get are the books for them.

I'm taking:

-a Math course (ugh!) along with a supporting Math course before it.

Did I mention that I despise Math as a subject, overall?

- a Speech Communication course-which should be interesting 'cause I have a microphone with an amp that's been gathering dust, in my room, since I bought it last year.


-a Women in History course- sounds like a fun course. I already took a Women In Literature course, so why not take a history one, as well?


I saw Step Up 3D- not bad from a screenwriting perspective. Not a bad plot either. some predictable cliches are in there. but overall, it's a good movie.

Comic-book related stuff (part 1)-

Well, over the past few weeks I celebrated my friend's birthday a few days earlier at a pre-bithday party in Monsey. Got him a DVD of Kick-A(fill in the blank), and a Batman T-shirt (which he wore the next day to work.) Cute, huh?


Comic-book related stuff (Part 2)

Trying to catch up on some Marvel and DC stuff I missed over the summer.

Dude, Nightcrawler got killed off in Marvel, New Krypton-and a bunch of Kryptonian-exploded, so they're done forin DC, and Wonder Woman got a costume do-over in DC!

What is going ON?!! Did I miss something?

And now Spidergirl, from Marvel, is getting cancelled for a 5th time- 'kay, technically it was already cancelled the 4th time, but this time there's even a fancy title:

Spidergirl: The End.

Now, I love this character and hope that it doesn't go the way of the dodo, but seriously...

We fans care about her, too.

Don't cancel something that has a bunch of readers just for the sake of hyping and getting even more readers!

It doesn't matter if it's the end or just the beginning, each character should pick up where the other generation left off.

I mean, that's what Mayday Parker/Spidergirl/daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker did as soon as she developed her abilities.

As many of you know I'm actually a DC comics fan. (read: Supergirl, Batman, Wonder Woman..etc...)

but I'm expanding my Marvel knowledge as well.

Here's the general differences:


- uses actual places.

- has more culturally and ethnically diverse characters.

-tends to have more mob and gang stereotypes

-the character tends to have something done to them that gives them their abilities and how they psychologically deal with the aftermath of it.


-Doesn't use actual places, per se. (Unless you count Gotham City, New York and Leesburg, Virginia, to name a few.)

- the characters tend to be based off of myths, or the most famous one: a character's main planet explodes and as a baby, has a rocket ship landing on Earth, where he gets adopted by loving earth parents.

(the former, Wonder Woman for example; is based off a Greek myth, from what I understand of her origins, and the latter, Superman; is a mix of orphan, a biblical Moses or Jesus (take your pick.), Greek myth, Sufi and fantasy.

-only in the 90's, have I realized, that the characters get more psychological in nature. Supergirl from 1996 is the prime example I'm giving here.


-how the characters act and react in particular situations given to them.

-why they got their powers and what their aftermath is because of it.

-how it affects their family and friends.

-Do they tell someone that they're a Superhero, if so, why or why not?

-What are the consequences? Do immediate family members get hurt because of it?


And here's my little rant on double standards in comic books, embedded with quotes from Michelle from

The female heroes are sometimes accepted (in the 90's and today in some cases) in mainstream comic book culture as just a sex object, a background character just for show, or something to that extent.

"...I would have been happy with just extending her blue thong to blue pants. Problem solved. That’s how you make permanent changes that go down easy: one small change at a time. By trashing the classic costume completely, they’re guaranteeing that they’ll go back to the bathing suit in a couple years, and we won’t be able to complain about it. “See, we tried giving her pants but the readers hated it!”..."

Give or take half a year, and I'm sure they'll re-think the re-do option.

Sadly, It reminds me of Michael Turner's Kara. Love the artist. Hate the storyline. Kara isn't jail bait for fan boys and neither is WW.

Neither do male characters have to be uber-masculine and buff, I'm fine with them being normal for once. Like Richard Malverne in Supergirl from the 90's.

Gotta love it. Great series. ^_^

We really need more people like Igle and Gates that take the character seriously. Simone would be good to bring to the table, again.

Then again...


BTW, a friend of mine (male, BTW) is catching up with the Return of Bruce Wayne. The only thing that bugs me about it was....

Wasn't his eyes seared out of his skull in Final Crisis by Darksied? How in EL would he survive something like that?! Isn't that an "Epic Fail"- to quote G4's X-play- on their part?

"...I liked the cape she wore sometimes in the TV series (I’ve only seen the first season).
But mostly I really miss her red boots with the white stripe :( No one has boots like that anymore!"..."

Same here, M. The writers of the Justice League and the Justice League Unlimited series did WW the best. She was a HERO dammit, and had emotions and feelings, too.

And finally thought before I go, I just found out Laura Vandervoort's back as Supergirl in Smallville Season 10!


I hope they write her off well since it's Smallville's final season. I'm hoping for a spin-off based on her or the Green Arrow.

I'll be looking foward to seeing and reviewing it, in the coming year.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Watched a bunch of movies while I was away...

Here's a list:

Prince of Persia- Wasn't bad actually, the story came full circle from the beginning to the end.

Toy Story 3- AMAZING! All the character's are back and some new ones like Barbie and Ken.

...And you only begin to wonder why they even divorced in the first place.

Spoiler: Ken's a conniving douche in this movie. Plus, he has effeminate handwriting.

Grown Ups- I saw this twice.I originally didn't want to see it 'cause I thought it was going to be corny and raunchy, but it was actually really funny.

Going out with Moshe tonight, should be fun, getting dressed up later on. ^_^

Monday, May 31, 2010

Okay, my life is complete at the moment...

I'm sleeping over at a friends house. And I had a wonderful night's sleep.

I should definitely come over here more often.


My good friend Moshe took me to a Kosher dairy restaurant in town, where I got a warm goat cheese salad and a cheesecake with caramel on the top.

His parents are so nice.

His father's a rabbi and his mother's an English teacher/Librarian, which reminds me-if I have any problems in writing I should go to her for help...

Not that I need any at the moment. ^_^

So, I'm signing off...

Have a great summer everyone!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Saw Iron Man 2 (this post is spoiler-free, don't worry) and saw my grades over the week...

Okay, I saw Iron Man 2 over the week and it was AMAZING!
Robert Downey Jr. was great as the narssasistic Tony Stark the second time around. Scarlett Johannson as the Black Widow was great (She made me and my sister want to take martial arts after the movie was over.^_^) Don Cheadle was decent as a serious comedic actor....

What I found hillarious was the fact that my mom enjoyed it and tried to mimic the fighting choreography from scenes in the movie (she even had a heart palipatation in the theater because we were watching it in imax. as I pointed out that some of it was CG as we got into the car. ^_^

Now, everything in this movie was great: the comedic timing, the action...

But what made my week even better is the grades that I got in my courses: an "A" in Women in Literature and a "B+" in Creative Writing!



Thursday, May 13, 2010

A few things to say before the semester is over...

I saw two musicals on Broadway at the beginning of the month:

Million Dollar Quartet

(I got to meet the actors in them after the show. Lucky, aren't we?)

See site here:

and Chicago (which was AMAZING! That guy from Gossip Girl was in it: Matthew Settle)

See the official cast site here:

Almost got to see him after the show, but... You know how fast-paced New York is. ^_^)

Onto the class assignment, I did my group presentation on Amy Tan.

She's one of the many contemporary writers of recent years.

I was also glad that I did alot of research on her and it was funny how some of us were the "go-to" people for information about the author when everyone was asking questions at the end of it.

So, looking at the presentations in class so far... each one was interesting...

Some of you did writers from the 19Th century, others did feminist writers of recent times.

The thing is, for me at least, when it comes to writing: you don't have to follow rules when you do it for fun.

Yes, there are papers that have structures to them, but write the way you want to, not what others say for you to do.

Speaking of writing, did some spring cleaning for the past few days at the house.

have two trash bags full of stuff piled from the semester. (mostly comic-book oriented stuff, which Ma despises.)

Ma was rummaging through rooms and drawers,trying to look for a missing shoe and a few folders (which I only recently found yesterday in a luggage bag.)

Had to clean mountain fulls of clothes (from 3 rooms!) last night from 3-10!

So, If I'm a bit cranky, blame it on that.

Not to mention, been cleaning the house for half a week already. I should be getting a profit out of this. ^_^

Eh, I need the exercise, either way.

Got arthritis anyone?



Onto another topic, I just recently turned 22 on May 9th.

Boy, that day was full of surprises.

In the morining:
-I took a shower and cleaned (not to mention, I didn't have to clean much.)

-I went clothes shopping (and couldn't find a thing.)

-later on in the day, Ma went to a grocery store and got an stout employee to bring out a helium balloon along with some red roses (in which I almost died on the spot from embarrassment, muttering to myself, "Oh. My. God.")

Ma's not good at hiding things behind her.


-went cake shopping as well. (either way, I got two small layered cakes for the price of one. [I think.])

-and a good guy friend of mine called to say happy birthday and apparently sent a package for me (which I didn't get, yet.).

-Might get to see Iron Man 2 or Kick-Ass (if it's still in theaters.) with him over the week.

Ooh! and before I forget....

Got a kitten, but she's been a pain in the booty.

I call her Keesya (which is an English-ized Russian word for kitten/cat); my sister calls her Sassy (after the first cat we had who passed away a while ago.), but now, she's calling her Keesya.

- on a side note: Yesterday, she was following me to the basement later on in the evening...

And as I was looking around, she managed to get her little paws stuck on one of those sticky mouse-traps. Eventually, my mom and I pulled her off of it and trying to avoid getting her little belly stuck on it.

-Keesya was screaming at her, at me, and my mom was screaming at my dad on the phone.

-So around 11:00, me and my sister went to my dad's shop where my dad's worker washed her.

Poor kitty.

Has two names and is very curious to the things around her...

No wonder why she's confused.


-She's beige near the eyes, mostly gray-black fur, and gray in between. Has big Hazel eyes with green specks in them, too.

She's scratched me 3 times over the past few days.

The dog's miserable with her around. So, my sister is finding a home for her, because I might be -slightly- allergic to her.

I get the stuffy sinuses, while my sister sneezes.


She's cute, either way.

Loves to snuggle with someone on the bed, and claws at everything that moves.

I'll try to get a picture up when I can get online.


And I saw all the hullabaloo on Betty White hosting SNL.

It was amazing.

I even joined the facebook group before it was official.



You know, after 88 1/2 years, she's still a spry lady, and has the best one-liner's coming out at a lightening-quick pace.

The episode was wonderful. Just wonderful.

And congrats Betty, you made it to the big leagues.


Last and Final Thought....




I'm in the school newspaper!

Check out the Java Jam article.

They spelled my last name wrong, but I emailed the editor and either way....

I'm in the paper!!!!

This day is going to be wonderful!


So, hopefully this semester ends on a good note and I'll be able to do what I like to do over the Summer break.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do you see marriage in your future? Why/why not?

Question of the Day: Do you see marriage in your future? Why/why not?

Well, as stated in my journal, I'm not really at the point of getting married at the moment.

And also stated in that journal I grew up in the 90's-2000's where bubble-gum pop music, grunge music and Independent artists were all the rage. Plus, some really kick-ass women who fight dirty and actually have feelings-a big plus in my book.

And I know I'm sticking to romanticized views when I say this...but,I'd rather wait for the right person to come along.

When will that happen? I have no idea.

Do I see marriage in my future? Definitely.

Why? Um, I guess it's just something I grew up believing. In our society, people tend to do that.

Believe it or not, my mom was the one that wanted to get married to my dad.

Turns out that after all these years, Dad's been going off and doing his own thing for almost 30 years (and still going strong.)

Yeah, my mom loves him and all, but she can't stand when he hides secrets from her.

And as a family you should at least try to share what's going on.

Communication is key in a relationship; I've learned that in life and-recently- in a psych of family course.


I mean, I just found out that my dad's been living a double life from my mom for a while.

Does it involve cheating? I can only assume... since my mom screams her head off when trying to confront him about an issue like that.

That's what makes me scared about getting into marriage in the first place.

You basically share your life (financial issues and otherwise) with the other person for the rest of your life.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day ! And Other Musings About Writing In General...

Just found out it's Earth's Birthday.

(Somehow, I managed to come to college super-early today, and scope the festivities as I was running around school.)

Is it me or were there were A TON of bake sales?


Anyways, I went through my essays and papers over the week and found out that I'm sort of bashing the society that I'm living in. I mean, I put in assumptions and biases (or negative ones that I grew up with) down onto paper and contrast them with rantings.

Man, I need to quit doing that and write a little better.

Not saying that all of my papers suck, but the past ones do, and I need to fix them... and get better at writing stuff off of my head and onto paper.

You see, I'm more of a visual learner.

I tend to take stuff, like grammatically incorrect paragraphs, apart and put them back together, rearranging them as I go along with it.

The problem is, I tend to have A LOT of stuff in my head as I write.

So, when it gets to the point of when I actually sit down and begin to write my mind's at a blank.

And, yes. I've done outlines for stuff like essays and papers, but they tend to end up really messy, thanks to my chickenscratch.

Ok, you can call it writer's block, but it sucks when I try to write stuff off of my head.

(Believe me, I do it every time I write my fanfiction.)

I think I'm better at blogging what's on my mind than cramming stuff down onto paper into little neat paragraphs, either way.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Can women achieve balance of being perceived as both powerful and feminine in today's society, or are those images mutually exclusive?

Disclaimer: The following images are off google.Therefore, I don't own them.

Question Of The Day: Can women achieve balance of being perceived as both powerful and feminine in today's society, or are those images mutually exclusive?

I guess women can achieve balance as being both feminine and powerful. Just look at Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Faith.

The Buffy character was perky and feminine, yet she fought guys:

The opposite goes with Faith (as played by Eliza Dushku):

She was, like, the opposite image of Buffy; she wore darker clothes, she wasn't scared to fight dirty. Besides her character killed an innocent human-when she thought he was a vampire.

I guess she had no sense of morals at that time.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Saw "The Last Song" last night.

It was WAY better than "Dear John".

Plus, it had a nice ending to it-a depressing one- but nice at the same time....

(then again, most cheezy chick-flick/romantic movies have a happy ending in the end.)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Alex Ross Assignment for Creative Writing

Did a little assignment for my Creative writing course. Had to describe a picture. Guess I went a little overboard.

Used this pic by Alex Ross as inspiration:

Here's the poem/assignment:

On The Couch

As I sit down on the leather Lay-Z-Boy chair in my high rise apartment, a thought came into my head: What is this world coming to?

Each newspaper I read brings bad news: one after the other the bylines scream “Bombing in Moscow-over 34+ dead”, “Massive Nuclear Weapons Stashed in Iran”, and countless others signal an upcoming Apocalypse in local areas like Gotham and Metropolis.

The dim lamplight to my left flickers a bit, a picture of me as a young boy and the Kent’s glare back at me, a snapshot frozen in time. It brings me back to Kansas. I remember it well. It was a place where the wheat and corn stalks were endless and the cow-tippers were everywhere I turned.

Nothing in my life ever comes easily; you should know that by now.

So, why am I telling you all of this while sprawled on my La-Z-Boy chair, dress shirt opened to expose the broad ‘S’ on my outfit-not costume?

You’re the clinical psychologist, Bruce, what do you think?

I pause as you look at my haggard face, jotting down notes along the way.

It’s been a long time since we had a discussion like this. You said earlier that even though I have all of these abilities, I’m just like everyone else; I can crack, too.

Guess, that brings everything into perspective, Bruce.

You wear a mask to hide your true self from everyone around you-or is it the other way around here?

While I only have a pair of flimsy glasses, it seems like people you trust around here end up leaving you. That’s what happened to Lois.

I loved her and now…

Now she’s gone and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Can’t reverse the Earth’s axis and set everything back; It’ll just mess up the time-
space continuum.

Can’t be depressed about it forever; there is things to be done, people to save.

When have I ever thought of doing something for myself?

Let me tell you something, Bruce. When you lived as long as I have and got only love and adoration from millions-no billions- in return for it, what would you have done in my position?

Would you just stand there and let things pass or would you do something about it?

Well, you’re not me?

Don’t you think I know that, Bruce?

We’re two different people, but together

Together we can make the difference.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Why do you think it's more socially acceptable for women to be homosexual than it is for men?

Question of the day: Why do you think it's more socially acceptable for women to be homosexual than it is for men?

(Disclaimer: All the pics posted here are from Google. Therefore, I do not own them.)

Well, just look at our society for the past decade or two. We have more homosexual women exposed in our culture like K.D. Lang:

Melissa Etheridge (who I think is an amazing artist, by the way. :D):

AND, of course, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi:

Look at the guys we have that are homosexual:

Clay Aiken (who denied it long before he came out):

Lance Bass (the frosted-tipped-spiky-haired guy from *NSYNC) [Had to put the following pic up 'cause I thought it was adorable.]:

And Adam Lambert (who took Clay's route of denying it-then the pics of him leaked out on the web- and all of you know what happened next...):

Forgot to add Ricky Martin:

So, I think when it comes to why we tend to view women as more socially acceptable to being homosexuals....

Well, it's because I tend to see women on TV or in magazines,nowadays, wearing anything that constitutes as "guy-wear": ties, vests...etc...

It doesn't really matter to me about what people wear or not or how they present themselves to the public. The only thing that matters to me is who they are as a person, not who they like or love.

I even have friends who are Homosexual or Bisexual. My parents tend to think that homosexuality isn't "right".

I'll give you an example of something that happened to me while I was reading in the waiting room to go to a doctor appointment a while back.

Right besides me there was a young gentlemen who had a D and G- or whatever fancy-schmancy bag people carry these days- on his lap. He was fidgeting around and getting agitated as he was waiting for his appointment.

"Look, I've been waiting here for 20 minutes. I'm already missing a mani-pedi appointment-" he began, as my mom interjected saying:

"Well, you should of thought of that before."

"Ma-" , I said as the color drained from my face as I apologized for my mom's insensitivity.

Instead, he ignored her and left, angry about the whole thing.

I looked back at my mom, who was giving me a look.

"What?" I asked.

"Look, I don't mind you standing up for them, but they can't have kids. the bible even says." she stated.

So, my mom and I have our differences. My Brother has an even worse account:

My dad and my brother were working somewhere in the Village-doing some iron working stuff, when my brother went on a break.

Outside, he saw a beautiful lady, who winked at him. He catcalled back at her. Next thing you know, the voice that came out of that mouth wasn't exactly "lady-like" to put it in polite terms.

My brother-looking shocked- of course- ran back to my dad and said:

"Dad! Cover your a__ while you leave."

My dad looked questionably at my bother, then understood what he was saying.

I've even had an interesting experience when I was in Washington Heights.

I stepped into a wine store with my brother to get a bottle for a babysitter that passed away a while back.

So, In comes this long blond person who asked for a bottle of wine.

When he left, I whispered to my brother as my voice faltered: "Was that a guy-?"

He shrugged and asked the cashier while I looked on ashen-faced.

He said that he gets her all the time.

"That was a she?" I stammered.

He nodded as I just went through the biggest shock in my life.

So, there you have it.

Three different stories, all on the same topic.

When it comes to who's what gender, you can't really tell by outward appearances, now.

And I find that a fascinating subject to tackle on later in life.

*Additional Notes: Forgot to add Anna Paquin (who came out as bisexual just recently.)-:

Rosie O' Donnell:

Lindsey Lohan (whom I believe is bisexual, though she didn't state it...Yet.):

And Vanessa Carlton (who came out as a bisexual a while back):

-to the ever-expanding plethora of celebrities who are "coming out".

In addition there have been many- And I do mean many- comic book characters that "came out" in the 90's.

For example, there's Comet, the bisexual Superhero as seen in the 1996 Supergirl series.

(Re: This is where 90's cannon gets really confusing:The Superhero is male but the alter ego is female.)

[These are issues #14-26, if you want to check it out. First appearance of her as Andy is issue #10, As Comet it's issues #14-50, I believe.]

The first pic here is from So, I don't own it.:

AND a cover from issue #22:

Even Supergirl had a discussion about her "possibly being a homosexual" (via Andy Martinez). The examples shown here (and above) are from Supergirl #26 (1996-2003 series) Therefore, I don't own anything posted here. Just using the pics to make a point.):


There's plenty more on this topic.

Northstar from Marvel (Who was THE FIRST major homosexual comic book character to "come out", if I might add.)

[I got the following pics from Last one's from a random pic on google.)]:

Rictor and Shatterstar from Marvel:

The Midnighter and Apollo's wedding from DC:

And most recently Batwoman/Kate Kane:

So... there you have it.

A wonderfully long post....

and as Comet says here....


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saw Alice In Wonderland over the week...

Y'know the one...

It's directed by Tim Burton?

Yeah, that one.

It was actually pretty decent. You have Alice-who defers from the norm of wearing corsets, going into a forced marriage with a Lord, and does some sort of fancy footwork at the end.

Sociologically, it's actually pretty interesting how the movie's set up. It's similar to House of Mirth and other stuff we read in class on Virginia Woolf's work.

Similar formula, too: girl who defers from norm is ostracized from the community.

She goes down the rabbit hole- which is where Tim Burton's spooky-yet-bright-and-colorful characters come in with help from his imagination.

Johnny Depp gives one of the most wonderful and crazy performances of his career as the Mad Hatter complete with multiple personality disorder...

(I mean he goes from a thick I think Scottish accent to a Londoners accent with ease.)

Wait a minute...

I was right.

It is a Scottish accent.

I got this from the trivia section at

Johnny Depp watched the Scottish comedy show "Rab C. Nesbitt" (1990) to perfect his character's Glaswegian voice.

So, yeah, it was sort of difficult to understand him with the gutteral Scottish he was doing.

I'm not used to listening to Scottish accents, but, I love listening to dialects and how they're performed.

And I can easily slip into a British accent if I wanted to, but, it's too articulate and pronounced.

See what I mean?


He even has amazing breakdancing/pop n' locking skills, while Anne Hathaway as the
White Witch was sort of dull.

(I mean, she flutters around with her hands upwards-I guess she was trying to be graceful. But she did it throughout the movie!.)

Helen Bonham Carter was delightful as the Evil Red Witch.

And the person who played Alice was wonderful and snarky at the same time.

It's sort of like looking at a movie with a different lens on.

I never looked at movies in that way, until now.

And I find that very intruiging.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What positive images of female sexuality can you think of in popular media?

Question of the day: What positive images of female sexuality can you think of in popular media?

Well, I can think of a few.


Buffy as played by Sarah Michelle Gellar along with castmates in the pic below (Randomly got it off of Google. Don't own the pic.).




Don't forget Willow as played by Alyson Hannigan.

Thought it was a great pic to put up. Besides, It has the most of the cast in it.:


Fred from Angel played by the lovely Amy Acker:

Lucy Lawless as Xena: Warrior Princess and Renee O'Conner as Gabrielle. Anyone remember that show?

Alison Mack who plays Chloe Sullivan on Smallvile:

Kristen Kruek who played Lana Lang on Smallville (pic from

Erica Durance who plays Lois Lane on Smallville (pic from

Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer on Smallville (pic courtesy of

And finally Laura Vandervoort who played Kara Kent/Supergirl on Smallville.

I tried to find a pic that wasn't "skanky", so,I found a screencap from an episode, instead.

The episode is called "Lara" If you want to check it out)[pic is from]:

Besides, Helen Slater is in that episode. It's been 20 years or so since she was in Supergirl: The Movie, and she still looks amazing! (pic is also from

Still from Supergirl: The Movie (which I have on DVD at home.):

Another still:

Joan, as played by Amber Tamblyn, from Joan of Arcadia. (She's the one on the lower right-hand side):

Kristen Bell
as Veronica Mars (She's the short-cropped blond on the right):

Amanda Tapping who plays Dr Helen Magnus on Sanctuary (the dark-haired female in the picture):

She even did an interview regarding the women of the Stargate Universe which I found intriguing:

Even Ellen DeGeneres had a Sit-Com:

Anyone remember the epic "Puppy Episode"?

(Which I thought was wonderful!)

The only thing I hated was when the network decided to put a censor on it, when the show returned.

Even the ladies of CSI: Crime Scene Investigations, CSI: NY, and NCIS, aren't your "typical" run-of-the-mill stereotypical ladies that you see on TV.

From the comics:


C'mon, she's the daughter of Mary Jane and Peter Parker! I had to put her up here for some credit.

Besides, it's a wonderfully written series.

Supergirl from 1996-2003 (I had to put this up because I grew up reading this series.):

Supergirl of Today's Era (pics are taken from Supergirl Comic Box Commentary):

From Issue 50:

Another awesome image:

Now, each of the characters here are strong females-whether physically or not- that break the mold of the "traditional housewife".

I grew up in the 90's. So, I got to see a lot of great shows with females that take the lead. And it's hard to like just one. :D

Not only are they/the characters sarcastic, they do things guys could do: kick butt and fight crime without breaking a nail.

They can even stand their own in a fight. Which you didn't see too often in other TV shows.

C'mon, we need more of that nowadays!

We don't need "reality" shows like "Jersey Shore", or shows like "America's Next Top Model".

(I mean, I like ANTM.)

I just don't like "Jersey Shore": it's stereotped.

Besides, it's hard to see something on screen when you know it isn't how they act in real life. Everything nowadays, is screened under the fact that it's stereotyped.

Can't we have more females that aren't stereotyped and degraded to nothing more than "hot bimbos"?