Monday, February 22, 2010

Why do you think men and women are held to different standards when it comes to sexuality?

Question of the day: Why do you think men and women are held to different standards when it comes to sexuality?

It's a part of our society. As stated in the previous post,we, as Americans, thrive on the "sex sells" buisiness. There are two different sides to everything, including gender issues. For example, it's ok for a woman to wear make-up, but for a man, no way. And the opposite goes for the woman; it's not right for a woman to dress like a guy, it's considered "un-ladylike". It's against societal norms.

Media, as a product, affects us as a whole: what we think, what to say, and how we act in public. Even the internet, today, is a part of life, and whether you like it or not, it's another product that affects us- Yeah, we have free speech and everything, but, be careful what you put up here. people can misunderstand it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How do you see the role of women in today's American culture?

Decided to actually do something on the topic that my proffessor gave to me.

Pictures are courtesy of Supergirl Comic Box Commentary.

Question of the day: How do you see the role of women in today's American culture?

Women-in my view- have almost always been marginalized as the "other sex". I guess when it relates to media like soap operas: women are suppossed to be pretty, look younger than they actually are, and I guess, not look like a slob.

In comic books It's the same thing, but you have to look at different artists to get a whole picture.

Michael Turner, for example, draws waifer-thin women*:

(*See the movie Avatar and you'll get the idea. I saw it twice in 3D. Plot stunk. Visual effects were amazing. )

[And honestly, Sherlock Holmes was better than Avatar. it had action,it was hilarious, and overall-very enjoyable.... The again, I like movies like that.]

People like Jamal Igle and Alex Ross draw more naturalistic (which you don't get to see too often in this type of media).

Jamal Igle (from Supergirl Issue #45):

Alex Ross (had to plug this in because it's an AMAZING graphic novel and I read it in book format):

Plug: And I also found this while rummaging through other sites. It's sorta related on the feminism thing in comic books. Copy the link into your address bar and press enter.


Are we turning into an hyper-sexualized society? I guess...

I mean, look at tweens today. They love (and I hate the Twilight Movies) Robert Pattinson- and that other guy- Taylor Lautner just because they're the "hot 'it' guys" of their generation.

Our generation likes people like Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr. (preferrably I like Christopher Reeve, but you get the idea.) for the same reason,
they are the it guys of an adult-transitioning generation.

They are who we would like to become: rich, famous....and of course, good looking.

Oh, and while we're on the topic...

Has anyone seen this show? The picture is ripped off of Lifetime's site. Don't own it. Just using it as an example.):

I'm sorry, but why do TV stations have to glorify stuff like this?

I mean, it's teen pregnancy for Pete's sake!

It doesn't need to be turned into a TV show, like Teen Mom's on MTV.



Now, is media a bad thing? It depends on who you ask. But, in my opinion -since I was born in NY and raised in NJ- it's a part of life. There are going to be things where women are stereotyped in one way, yet viewed, in real life, in another.