Monday, March 29, 2010

Why do you think it's more socially acceptable for women to be homosexual than it is for men?

Question of the day: Why do you think it's more socially acceptable for women to be homosexual than it is for men?

(Disclaimer: All the pics posted here are from Google. Therefore, I do not own them.)

Well, just look at our society for the past decade or two. We have more homosexual women exposed in our culture like K.D. Lang:

Melissa Etheridge (who I think is an amazing artist, by the way. :D):

AND, of course, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi:

Look at the guys we have that are homosexual:

Clay Aiken (who denied it long before he came out):

Lance Bass (the frosted-tipped-spiky-haired guy from *NSYNC) [Had to put the following pic up 'cause I thought it was adorable.]:

And Adam Lambert (who took Clay's route of denying it-then the pics of him leaked out on the web- and all of you know what happened next...):

Forgot to add Ricky Martin:

So, I think when it comes to why we tend to view women as more socially acceptable to being homosexuals....

Well, it's because I tend to see women on TV or in magazines,nowadays, wearing anything that constitutes as "guy-wear": ties, vests...etc...

It doesn't really matter to me about what people wear or not or how they present themselves to the public. The only thing that matters to me is who they are as a person, not who they like or love.

I even have friends who are Homosexual or Bisexual. My parents tend to think that homosexuality isn't "right".

I'll give you an example of something that happened to me while I was reading in the waiting room to go to a doctor appointment a while back.

Right besides me there was a young gentlemen who had a D and G- or whatever fancy-schmancy bag people carry these days- on his lap. He was fidgeting around and getting agitated as he was waiting for his appointment.

"Look, I've been waiting here for 20 minutes. I'm already missing a mani-pedi appointment-" he began, as my mom interjected saying:

"Well, you should of thought of that before."

"Ma-" , I said as the color drained from my face as I apologized for my mom's insensitivity.

Instead, he ignored her and left, angry about the whole thing.

I looked back at my mom, who was giving me a look.

"What?" I asked.

"Look, I don't mind you standing up for them, but they can't have kids. the bible even says." she stated.

So, my mom and I have our differences. My Brother has an even worse account:

My dad and my brother were working somewhere in the Village-doing some iron working stuff, when my brother went on a break.

Outside, he saw a beautiful lady, who winked at him. He catcalled back at her. Next thing you know, the voice that came out of that mouth wasn't exactly "lady-like" to put it in polite terms.

My brother-looking shocked- of course- ran back to my dad and said:

"Dad! Cover your a__ while you leave."

My dad looked questionably at my bother, then understood what he was saying.

I've even had an interesting experience when I was in Washington Heights.

I stepped into a wine store with my brother to get a bottle for a babysitter that passed away a while back.

So, In comes this long blond person who asked for a bottle of wine.

When he left, I whispered to my brother as my voice faltered: "Was that a guy-?"

He shrugged and asked the cashier while I looked on ashen-faced.

He said that he gets her all the time.

"That was a she?" I stammered.

He nodded as I just went through the biggest shock in my life.

So, there you have it.

Three different stories, all on the same topic.

When it comes to who's what gender, you can't really tell by outward appearances, now.

And I find that a fascinating subject to tackle on later in life.

*Additional Notes: Forgot to add Anna Paquin (who came out as bisexual just recently.)-:

Rosie O' Donnell:

Lindsey Lohan (whom I believe is bisexual, though she didn't state it...Yet.):

And Vanessa Carlton (who came out as a bisexual a while back):

-to the ever-expanding plethora of celebrities who are "coming out".

In addition there have been many- And I do mean many- comic book characters that "came out" in the 90's.

For example, there's Comet, the bisexual Superhero as seen in the 1996 Supergirl series.

(Re: This is where 90's cannon gets really confusing:The Superhero is male but the alter ego is female.)

[These are issues #14-26, if you want to check it out. First appearance of her as Andy is issue #10, As Comet it's issues #14-50, I believe.]

The first pic here is from So, I don't own it.:

AND a cover from issue #22:

Even Supergirl had a discussion about her "possibly being a homosexual" (via Andy Martinez). The examples shown here (and above) are from Supergirl #26 (1996-2003 series) Therefore, I don't own anything posted here. Just using the pics to make a point.):


There's plenty more on this topic.

Northstar from Marvel (Who was THE FIRST major homosexual comic book character to "come out", if I might add.)

[I got the following pics from Last one's from a random pic on google.)]:

Rictor and Shatterstar from Marvel:

The Midnighter and Apollo's wedding from DC:

And most recently Batwoman/Kate Kane:

So... there you have it.

A wonderfully long post....

and as Comet says here....


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saw Alice In Wonderland over the week...

Y'know the one...

It's directed by Tim Burton?

Yeah, that one.

It was actually pretty decent. You have Alice-who defers from the norm of wearing corsets, going into a forced marriage with a Lord, and does some sort of fancy footwork at the end.

Sociologically, it's actually pretty interesting how the movie's set up. It's similar to House of Mirth and other stuff we read in class on Virginia Woolf's work.

Similar formula, too: girl who defers from norm is ostracized from the community.

She goes down the rabbit hole- which is where Tim Burton's spooky-yet-bright-and-colorful characters come in with help from his imagination.

Johnny Depp gives one of the most wonderful and crazy performances of his career as the Mad Hatter complete with multiple personality disorder...

(I mean he goes from a thick I think Scottish accent to a Londoners accent with ease.)

Wait a minute...

I was right.

It is a Scottish accent.

I got this from the trivia section at

Johnny Depp watched the Scottish comedy show "Rab C. Nesbitt" (1990) to perfect his character's Glaswegian voice.

So, yeah, it was sort of difficult to understand him with the gutteral Scottish he was doing.

I'm not used to listening to Scottish accents, but, I love listening to dialects and how they're performed.

And I can easily slip into a British accent if I wanted to, but, it's too articulate and pronounced.

See what I mean?


He even has amazing breakdancing/pop n' locking skills, while Anne Hathaway as the
White Witch was sort of dull.

(I mean, she flutters around with her hands upwards-I guess she was trying to be graceful. But she did it throughout the movie!.)

Helen Bonham Carter was delightful as the Evil Red Witch.

And the person who played Alice was wonderful and snarky at the same time.

It's sort of like looking at a movie with a different lens on.

I never looked at movies in that way, until now.

And I find that very intruiging.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What positive images of female sexuality can you think of in popular media?

Question of the day: What positive images of female sexuality can you think of in popular media?

Well, I can think of a few.


Buffy as played by Sarah Michelle Gellar along with castmates in the pic below (Randomly got it off of Google. Don't own the pic.).




Don't forget Willow as played by Alyson Hannigan.

Thought it was a great pic to put up. Besides, It has the most of the cast in it.:


Fred from Angel played by the lovely Amy Acker:

Lucy Lawless as Xena: Warrior Princess and Renee O'Conner as Gabrielle. Anyone remember that show?

Alison Mack who plays Chloe Sullivan on Smallvile:

Kristen Kruek who played Lana Lang on Smallville (pic from

Erica Durance who plays Lois Lane on Smallville (pic from

Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer on Smallville (pic courtesy of

And finally Laura Vandervoort who played Kara Kent/Supergirl on Smallville.

I tried to find a pic that wasn't "skanky", so,I found a screencap from an episode, instead.

The episode is called "Lara" If you want to check it out)[pic is from]:

Besides, Helen Slater is in that episode. It's been 20 years or so since she was in Supergirl: The Movie, and she still looks amazing! (pic is also from

Still from Supergirl: The Movie (which I have on DVD at home.):

Another still:

Joan, as played by Amber Tamblyn, from Joan of Arcadia. (She's the one on the lower right-hand side):

Kristen Bell
as Veronica Mars (She's the short-cropped blond on the right):

Amanda Tapping who plays Dr Helen Magnus on Sanctuary (the dark-haired female in the picture):

She even did an interview regarding the women of the Stargate Universe which I found intriguing:

Even Ellen DeGeneres had a Sit-Com:

Anyone remember the epic "Puppy Episode"?

(Which I thought was wonderful!)

The only thing I hated was when the network decided to put a censor on it, when the show returned.

Even the ladies of CSI: Crime Scene Investigations, CSI: NY, and NCIS, aren't your "typical" run-of-the-mill stereotypical ladies that you see on TV.

From the comics:


C'mon, she's the daughter of Mary Jane and Peter Parker! I had to put her up here for some credit.

Besides, it's a wonderfully written series.

Supergirl from 1996-2003 (I had to put this up because I grew up reading this series.):

Supergirl of Today's Era (pics are taken from Supergirl Comic Box Commentary):

From Issue 50:

Another awesome image:

Now, each of the characters here are strong females-whether physically or not- that break the mold of the "traditional housewife".

I grew up in the 90's. So, I got to see a lot of great shows with females that take the lead. And it's hard to like just one. :D

Not only are they/the characters sarcastic, they do things guys could do: kick butt and fight crime without breaking a nail.

They can even stand their own in a fight. Which you didn't see too often in other TV shows.

C'mon, we need more of that nowadays!

We don't need "reality" shows like "Jersey Shore", or shows like "America's Next Top Model".

(I mean, I like ANTM.)

I just don't like "Jersey Shore": it's stereotped.

Besides, it's hard to see something on screen when you know it isn't how they act in real life. Everything nowadays, is screened under the fact that it's stereotyped.

Can't we have more females that aren't stereotyped and degraded to nothing more than "hot bimbos"?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why do you think a sex-related scandal can "ruin" a woman today?

Question of the day:

Why do you think a sex-related scandal can "ruin" a woman today?

Well, in this day and age all you need is a username and a site. It's a more public thing to use technology to "get back" at people. Never did it myself, but in regards to "sexting"...

People-young and old- seem to forget that everything online can be read by anyone at anytime.

Sex-related scandals are everywhere, just look at Tiger Woods. He's a top athlete, was caught-whether intentionally or not- with a bunch of women, and his wife-supposedly- bludgened him with a nine-iron while he escaped in his fancy-schmancy car and crashed into a tree and a fire hydrant.

Now, I'm not saying that it's a good thing that someone's private life should be publicized, but everything today in the entertainment industry seems to buy into that nonsense.

In regards to this link for homework:

I've never been one who "sexted" but, I've seen and heard about this "phenomenon" on the Tyra Show (Yes, I watch shows like that when I have nothing better to watch on TV.).

It was discussed at length even on the news stations, but the truth is the younger generations aren't careful about what they say to someone or they post weird pictures of themselves in poses or pouting (believe me, I know, my younger sis, who's a year younger than me, is subjected to this stuff. I'm just as guilty when I have friends posting pics of me from a cool Rabbi's house with a drink in hand.) on their Myspaces or Facebooks.

So, boys and girls, be careful what you do online: you can get in big trouble if you do something stupid.

Monday, March 1, 2010

New story

This is just a story that I wrote for my Creative Writing course. I love writing for fun!

Here it is...

Creative Writing assignment #4: Version 1

My name shouldn’t be a concern to you, but if you’re inclined to know stuff like that then my name’s Esther. As for my age, well, let’s just say I’m legally able to drink here in the good ol’ U.S. of A where I was born in New York and raised in central New Jersey. Now, for my occupation: I’m a college student by day… and by night?

Well- I do things that you humans don’t do. It’s not anything illegal; if you thought that then shame on you. I might have to come after you for that; if you are what I think you are. Y

Yeah, you heard me right; what not who. You see, I’m not exactly “human”- I may look like one, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Okay, the truth is: I hunt evil.

You think I’m nuts, don’t you? Well- evil does exist- physically, mentally, even psychically…but most of all, paranormally. It can come at any place, any time- usually around the magic stroke of 12- and when it does- I’m there. I’m not a demon, though I’m related to a force similar to it- I’m an Angel: A hidden one, to be exact.

It all began when I was walking through the park one day on the way home. I sensed that I had dropped something from my backpack on the way; so naturally, I stopped, kneeled down and looked through my school bag.

I felt a breeze behind me. Thinking it was the wind, I ignored it. Boy was I wrong about that assumption.

“Hi,” I heard a lost voice that I haven’t talked to in two years say.

I looked up and said only one word, “Eric?”

He nodded; his baby blue eyes were now a startling form of violet.

“What happened to you? Well- other than you dying.” I asked him.

He smirked, “The Big Guy gave me Ascension.”

“Oh. So, how are you?”

I mentally rolled my eyes; annoyed at myself that I couldn’t think of anything
better to say. Note to self: never say that, again.

“I’m good-”, he said lowering his gaze at me, his voice turned serious with a mischievous little smirk, “-Look Esther. I don’t have a lot of time, but there’s something I need to give to you before you go. Besides, The Big Guy has a Halo 3 tournament at twelve with Tomas Jefferson and Patrick Swayze.”

I chuckled and then he leaned in close and kissed me. I felt renewed, somehow. Like

I had gained something else without knowing what it was. I walked home, dazed, as he vanished.

The next morning I woke up in my room and went into the bathroom- doing what I usually do- and took a shower. After I had taken the shower, I noticed that I had changed.

I mean, I still had my thick, dark hair and bushy eyebrows, but my eyes had changed as I looked really close at them. They were once a dark chocolate brown and now they’re a dark violet; just like Eric’s eyes.

“Hi there,” He said appearing cheerfully inside the mirror.

I nearly screamed- but held it in and leapt a foot in the air, realizing that I was hovering. Not to mention I had a massive headache.

“H-What did you do to me?!” I stammered at him.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“You call this-” I pointed to where there was a gap of air between me and the floor
of the bathroom, “-NOTHING?!” I seethed, trying to keep my voice down and glared at
the hazy mirror with his face on it.

“Look, I did you a favor. The thing is, we need you the way you are now-”

“What do you need me for? No wait, I know. So I could be part of a three ring circus.” I said sarcastically perking an eyebrow.

He was about to say something when I interrupted him again, “Who’s ‘we’?”

“Me, the Big Guy, and others like me.” He said ticking each point off with his fingers.

“Okay…So, what happened?” I said slowly.

He sighed, “Well, do you remember what happened on the sixth day of Creation?”

I wasn’t dumb. I had been to Hebrew School and knew it by heart.

“Yeah, God created Day and Night.”

He waggled a finger, “Ah, but that’s where our story begins. The authors of the Bible forgot to mention that the Big Guy created good and evil, too. You see, the evil that exists today is far worse than what fiction seems to be. -”

“What are you getting at?” I asked, quizzically.

“There are Demons and Angels both good and bad, but there’s only one person in every generation-”

“Let me guess- I’m ‘The Chosen One’, right?”

He groaned, “You’re not Buffy Summers, Esther! You’re the Angel of Justice.”

“And cue the triumphant music-” I said, ignoring him and focused on a soap bar in the bathroom- intently. It floated a few feet upwards. “Dude, I have telekinesis? Sweet!"

“Will you listen to me for once?!” he snapped. I quickly turned my head in his direction and the soap bar dropped with a soft thud into the sink.

“Now that you have these gifts, you need to be careful using them.” He continued.

“-And how do you suppose I do that?” I asked him.

“You’ll find a way.” He said giving me a wink as he vanished into thin air, leaving me in the bathroom for a few minutes.