Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saw Alice In Wonderland over the week...

Y'know the one...

It's directed by Tim Burton?

Yeah, that one.

It was actually pretty decent. You have Alice-who defers from the norm of wearing corsets, going into a forced marriage with a Lord, and does some sort of fancy footwork at the end.

Sociologically, it's actually pretty interesting how the movie's set up. It's similar to House of Mirth and other stuff we read in class on Virginia Woolf's work.

Similar formula, too: girl who defers from norm is ostracized from the community.

She goes down the rabbit hole- which is where Tim Burton's spooky-yet-bright-and-colorful characters come in with help from his imagination.

Johnny Depp gives one of the most wonderful and crazy performances of his career as the Mad Hatter complete with multiple personality disorder...

(I mean he goes from a thick I think Scottish accent to a Londoners accent with ease.)

Wait a minute...

I was right.

It is a Scottish accent.

I got this from the trivia section at

Johnny Depp watched the Scottish comedy show "Rab C. Nesbitt" (1990) to perfect his character's Glaswegian voice.

So, yeah, it was sort of difficult to understand him with the gutteral Scottish he was doing.

I'm not used to listening to Scottish accents, but, I love listening to dialects and how they're performed.

And I can easily slip into a British accent if I wanted to, but, it's too articulate and pronounced.

See what I mean?


He even has amazing breakdancing/pop n' locking skills, while Anne Hathaway as the
White Witch was sort of dull.

(I mean, she flutters around with her hands upwards-I guess she was trying to be graceful. But she did it throughout the movie!.)

Helen Bonham Carter was delightful as the Evil Red Witch.

And the person who played Alice was wonderful and snarky at the same time.

It's sort of like looking at a movie with a different lens on.

I never looked at movies in that way, until now.

And I find that very intruiging.


  1. I saw the movie last week and it was pretty decent as you said. There was some dull moments here and there, but the acting was pretty good and Johnny Depp was quite fun to watch and Anne Hathaway was a bit boring with her arm fluttering.

    I can see how you can relate it to the House of Mirth at the start of it all, but Alice isn't anything like Lily when it comes to her actions. It feels related and yet, not quite.

  2. I love Helena Bonham Carter! I especially liekd her in movies like Fight club and Big Fish.

  3. Saw Alice in Wonderland over break-- LOVED IT! Would definitely see it over again just for the visuals. Wildly imaginative and makes you feel like anything is possible once it's over.

    All in all, makes you feel like a kid again. Not a bad thing at all. Brings back that imaginative and artistic side of the world that most people lose as they grow up.

  4. I actually meant to say that the movie was -in a way- related to Moll Flanders. But I think I'm getting those two movies confused. :D Either way they have leading ladies. Which is a great thing. :D