Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do you see marriage in your future? Why/why not?

Question of the Day: Do you see marriage in your future? Why/why not?

Well, as stated in my journal, I'm not really at the point of getting married at the moment.

And also stated in that journal I grew up in the 90's-2000's where bubble-gum pop music, grunge music and Independent artists were all the rage. Plus, some really kick-ass women who fight dirty and actually have feelings-a big plus in my book.

And I know I'm sticking to romanticized views when I say this...but,I'd rather wait for the right person to come along.

When will that happen? I have no idea.

Do I see marriage in my future? Definitely.

Why? Um, I guess it's just something I grew up believing. In our society, people tend to do that.

Believe it or not, my mom was the one that wanted to get married to my dad.

Turns out that after all these years, Dad's been going off and doing his own thing for almost 30 years (and still going strong.)

Yeah, my mom loves him and all, but she can't stand when he hides secrets from her.

And as a family you should at least try to share what's going on.

Communication is key in a relationship; I've learned that in life and-recently- in a psych of family course.


I mean, I just found out that my dad's been living a double life from my mom for a while.

Does it involve cheating? I can only assume... since my mom screams her head off when trying to confront him about an issue like that.

That's what makes me scared about getting into marriage in the first place.

You basically share your life (financial issues and otherwise) with the other person for the rest of your life.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day ! And Other Musings About Writing In General...

Just found out it's Earth's Birthday.

(Somehow, I managed to come to college super-early today, and scope the festivities as I was running around school.)

Is it me or were there were A TON of bake sales?


Anyways, I went through my essays and papers over the week and found out that I'm sort of bashing the society that I'm living in. I mean, I put in assumptions and biases (or negative ones that I grew up with) down onto paper and contrast them with rantings.

Man, I need to quit doing that and write a little better.

Not saying that all of my papers suck, but the past ones do, and I need to fix them... and get better at writing stuff off of my head and onto paper.

You see, I'm more of a visual learner.

I tend to take stuff, like grammatically incorrect paragraphs, apart and put them back together, rearranging them as I go along with it.

The problem is, I tend to have A LOT of stuff in my head as I write.

So, when it gets to the point of when I actually sit down and begin to write my mind's at a blank.

And, yes. I've done outlines for stuff like essays and papers, but they tend to end up really messy, thanks to my chickenscratch.

Ok, you can call it writer's block, but it sucks when I try to write stuff off of my head.

(Believe me, I do it every time I write my fanfiction.)

I think I'm better at blogging what's on my mind than cramming stuff down onto paper into little neat paragraphs, either way.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Can women achieve balance of being perceived as both powerful and feminine in today's society, or are those images mutually exclusive?

Disclaimer: The following images are off google.Therefore, I don't own them.

Question Of The Day: Can women achieve balance of being perceived as both powerful and feminine in today's society, or are those images mutually exclusive?

I guess women can achieve balance as being both feminine and powerful. Just look at Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Faith.

The Buffy character was perky and feminine, yet she fought guys:

The opposite goes with Faith (as played by Eliza Dushku):

She was, like, the opposite image of Buffy; she wore darker clothes, she wasn't scared to fight dirty. Besides her character killed an innocent human-when she thought he was a vampire.

I guess she had no sense of morals at that time.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Saw "The Last Song" last night.

It was WAY better than "Dear John".

Plus, it had a nice ending to it-a depressing one- but nice at the same time....

(then again, most cheezy chick-flick/romantic movies have a happy ending in the end.)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Alex Ross Assignment for Creative Writing

Did a little assignment for my Creative writing course. Had to describe a picture. Guess I went a little overboard.

Used this pic by Alex Ross as inspiration:

Here's the poem/assignment:

On The Couch

As I sit down on the leather Lay-Z-Boy chair in my high rise apartment, a thought came into my head: What is this world coming to?

Each newspaper I read brings bad news: one after the other the bylines scream “Bombing in Moscow-over 34+ dead”, “Massive Nuclear Weapons Stashed in Iran”, and countless others signal an upcoming Apocalypse in local areas like Gotham and Metropolis.

The dim lamplight to my left flickers a bit, a picture of me as a young boy and the Kent’s glare back at me, a snapshot frozen in time. It brings me back to Kansas. I remember it well. It was a place where the wheat and corn stalks were endless and the cow-tippers were everywhere I turned.

Nothing in my life ever comes easily; you should know that by now.

So, why am I telling you all of this while sprawled on my La-Z-Boy chair, dress shirt opened to expose the broad ‘S’ on my outfit-not costume?

You’re the clinical psychologist, Bruce, what do you think?

I pause as you look at my haggard face, jotting down notes along the way.

It’s been a long time since we had a discussion like this. You said earlier that even though I have all of these abilities, I’m just like everyone else; I can crack, too.

Guess, that brings everything into perspective, Bruce.

You wear a mask to hide your true self from everyone around you-or is it the other way around here?

While I only have a pair of flimsy glasses, it seems like people you trust around here end up leaving you. That’s what happened to Lois.

I loved her and now…

Now she’s gone and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Can’t reverse the Earth’s axis and set everything back; It’ll just mess up the time-
space continuum.

Can’t be depressed about it forever; there is things to be done, people to save.

When have I ever thought of doing something for myself?

Let me tell you something, Bruce. When you lived as long as I have and got only love and adoration from millions-no billions- in return for it, what would you have done in my position?

Would you just stand there and let things pass or would you do something about it?

Well, you’re not me?

Don’t you think I know that, Bruce?

We’re two different people, but together

Together we can make the difference.