Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do you see marriage in your future? Why/why not?

Question of the Day: Do you see marriage in your future? Why/why not?

Well, as stated in my journal, I'm not really at the point of getting married at the moment.

And also stated in that journal I grew up in the 90's-2000's where bubble-gum pop music, grunge music and Independent artists were all the rage. Plus, some really kick-ass women who fight dirty and actually have feelings-a big plus in my book.

And I know I'm sticking to romanticized views when I say this...but,I'd rather wait for the right person to come along.

When will that happen? I have no idea.

Do I see marriage in my future? Definitely.

Why? Um, I guess it's just something I grew up believing. In our society, people tend to do that.

Believe it or not, my mom was the one that wanted to get married to my dad.

Turns out that after all these years, Dad's been going off and doing his own thing for almost 30 years (and still going strong.)

Yeah, my mom loves him and all, but she can't stand when he hides secrets from her.

And as a family you should at least try to share what's going on.

Communication is key in a relationship; I've learned that in life and-recently- in a psych of family course.


I mean, I just found out that my dad's been living a double life from my mom for a while.

Does it involve cheating? I can only assume... since my mom screams her head off when trying to confront him about an issue like that.

That's what makes me scared about getting into marriage in the first place.

You basically share your life (financial issues and otherwise) with the other person for the rest of your life.


  1. Well, I think all relationships build up from trust, whether it's marriage or just friendship. I don't think any relationship between people can exist without trust and firm belief. To me, getting involved in marriage is living out that view; just trust and believe that other half of your life. That other half can be trouble at times, but nothing can be flawless, right?

  2. I think communitcation is the first thing in a marriage.

    Yeah, there's the lovey-dovey stuff and all, but you're right most of a relationship is built on the trust of the other person in your life.

  3. If I'm not dating, how CAN I see marriage in my future. Do I want to get married? not particularly. Will I? probably.