Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day ! And Other Musings About Writing In General...

Just found out it's Earth's Birthday.

(Somehow, I managed to come to college super-early today, and scope the festivities as I was running around school.)

Is it me or were there were A TON of bake sales?


Anyways, I went through my essays and papers over the week and found out that I'm sort of bashing the society that I'm living in. I mean, I put in assumptions and biases (or negative ones that I grew up with) down onto paper and contrast them with rantings.

Man, I need to quit doing that and write a little better.

Not saying that all of my papers suck, but the past ones do, and I need to fix them... and get better at writing stuff off of my head and onto paper.

You see, I'm more of a visual learner.

I tend to take stuff, like grammatically incorrect paragraphs, apart and put them back together, rearranging them as I go along with it.

The problem is, I tend to have A LOT of stuff in my head as I write.

So, when it gets to the point of when I actually sit down and begin to write my mind's at a blank.

And, yes. I've done outlines for stuff like essays and papers, but they tend to end up really messy, thanks to my chickenscratch.

Ok, you can call it writer's block, but it sucks when I try to write stuff off of my head.

(Believe me, I do it every time I write my fanfiction.)

I think I'm better at blogging what's on my mind than cramming stuff down onto paper into little neat paragraphs, either way.


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