Monday, May 31, 2010

Okay, my life is complete at the moment...

I'm sleeping over at a friends house. And I had a wonderful night's sleep.

I should definitely come over here more often.


My good friend Moshe took me to a Kosher dairy restaurant in town, where I got a warm goat cheese salad and a cheesecake with caramel on the top.

His parents are so nice.

His father's a rabbi and his mother's an English teacher/Librarian, which reminds me-if I have any problems in writing I should go to her for help...

Not that I need any at the moment. ^_^

So, I'm signing off...

Have a great summer everyone!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Saw Iron Man 2 (this post is spoiler-free, don't worry) and saw my grades over the week...

Okay, I saw Iron Man 2 over the week and it was AMAZING!
Robert Downey Jr. was great as the narssasistic Tony Stark the second time around. Scarlett Johannson as the Black Widow was great (She made me and my sister want to take martial arts after the movie was over.^_^) Don Cheadle was decent as a serious comedic actor....

What I found hillarious was the fact that my mom enjoyed it and tried to mimic the fighting choreography from scenes in the movie (she even had a heart palipatation in the theater because we were watching it in imax. as I pointed out that some of it was CG as we got into the car. ^_^

Now, everything in this movie was great: the comedic timing, the action...

But what made my week even better is the grades that I got in my courses: an "A" in Women in Literature and a "B+" in Creative Writing!



Thursday, May 13, 2010

A few things to say before the semester is over...

I saw two musicals on Broadway at the beginning of the month:

Million Dollar Quartet

(I got to meet the actors in them after the show. Lucky, aren't we?)

See site here:

and Chicago (which was AMAZING! That guy from Gossip Girl was in it: Matthew Settle)

See the official cast site here:

Almost got to see him after the show, but... You know how fast-paced New York is. ^_^)

Onto the class assignment, I did my group presentation on Amy Tan.

She's one of the many contemporary writers of recent years.

I was also glad that I did alot of research on her and it was funny how some of us were the "go-to" people for information about the author when everyone was asking questions at the end of it.

So, looking at the presentations in class so far... each one was interesting...

Some of you did writers from the 19Th century, others did feminist writers of recent times.

The thing is, for me at least, when it comes to writing: you don't have to follow rules when you do it for fun.

Yes, there are papers that have structures to them, but write the way you want to, not what others say for you to do.

Speaking of writing, did some spring cleaning for the past few days at the house.

have two trash bags full of stuff piled from the semester. (mostly comic-book oriented stuff, which Ma despises.)

Ma was rummaging through rooms and drawers,trying to look for a missing shoe and a few folders (which I only recently found yesterday in a luggage bag.)

Had to clean mountain fulls of clothes (from 3 rooms!) last night from 3-10!

So, If I'm a bit cranky, blame it on that.

Not to mention, been cleaning the house for half a week already. I should be getting a profit out of this. ^_^

Eh, I need the exercise, either way.

Got arthritis anyone?



Onto another topic, I just recently turned 22 on May 9th.

Boy, that day was full of surprises.

In the morining:
-I took a shower and cleaned (not to mention, I didn't have to clean much.)

-I went clothes shopping (and couldn't find a thing.)

-later on in the day, Ma went to a grocery store and got an stout employee to bring out a helium balloon along with some red roses (in which I almost died on the spot from embarrassment, muttering to myself, "Oh. My. God.")

Ma's not good at hiding things behind her.


-went cake shopping as well. (either way, I got two small layered cakes for the price of one. [I think.])

-and a good guy friend of mine called to say happy birthday and apparently sent a package for me (which I didn't get, yet.).

-Might get to see Iron Man 2 or Kick-Ass (if it's still in theaters.) with him over the week.

Ooh! and before I forget....

Got a kitten, but she's been a pain in the booty.

I call her Keesya (which is an English-ized Russian word for kitten/cat); my sister calls her Sassy (after the first cat we had who passed away a while ago.), but now, she's calling her Keesya.

- on a side note: Yesterday, she was following me to the basement later on in the evening...

And as I was looking around, she managed to get her little paws stuck on one of those sticky mouse-traps. Eventually, my mom and I pulled her off of it and trying to avoid getting her little belly stuck on it.

-Keesya was screaming at her, at me, and my mom was screaming at my dad on the phone.

-So around 11:00, me and my sister went to my dad's shop where my dad's worker washed her.

Poor kitty.

Has two names and is very curious to the things around her...

No wonder why she's confused.


-She's beige near the eyes, mostly gray-black fur, and gray in between. Has big Hazel eyes with green specks in them, too.

She's scratched me 3 times over the past few days.

The dog's miserable with her around. So, my sister is finding a home for her, because I might be -slightly- allergic to her.

I get the stuffy sinuses, while my sister sneezes.


She's cute, either way.

Loves to snuggle with someone on the bed, and claws at everything that moves.

I'll try to get a picture up when I can get online.


And I saw all the hullabaloo on Betty White hosting SNL.

It was amazing.

I even joined the facebook group before it was official.



You know, after 88 1/2 years, she's still a spry lady, and has the best one-liner's coming out at a lightening-quick pace.

The episode was wonderful. Just wonderful.

And congrats Betty, you made it to the big leagues.


Last and Final Thought....




I'm in the school newspaper!

Check out the Java Jam article.

They spelled my last name wrong, but I emailed the editor and either way....

I'm in the paper!!!!

This day is going to be wonderful!


So, hopefully this semester ends on a good note and I'll be able to do what I like to do over the Summer break.