Friday, May 21, 2010

Saw Iron Man 2 (this post is spoiler-free, don't worry) and saw my grades over the week...

Okay, I saw Iron Man 2 over the week and it was AMAZING!
Robert Downey Jr. was great as the narssasistic Tony Stark the second time around. Scarlett Johannson as the Black Widow was great (She made me and my sister want to take martial arts after the movie was over.^_^) Don Cheadle was decent as a serious comedic actor....

What I found hillarious was the fact that my mom enjoyed it and tried to mimic the fighting choreography from scenes in the movie (she even had a heart palipatation in the theater because we were watching it in imax. as I pointed out that some of it was CG as we got into the car. ^_^

Now, everything in this movie was great: the comedic timing, the action...

But what made my week even better is the grades that I got in my courses: an "A" in Women in Literature and a "B+" in Creative Writing!



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