Saturday, August 21, 2010

Okay, I signed up for the coming semester and here's some other stuff I haven't gotten to yet..

Okay, I signed up for my courses in the coming Fall semester. Now the only thing I need to get are the books for them.

I'm taking:

-a Math course (ugh!) along with a supporting Math course before it.

Did I mention that I despise Math as a subject, overall?

- a Speech Communication course-which should be interesting 'cause I have a microphone with an amp that's been gathering dust, in my room, since I bought it last year.


-a Women in History course- sounds like a fun course. I already took a Women In Literature course, so why not take a history one, as well?


I saw Step Up 3D- not bad from a screenwriting perspective. Not a bad plot either. some predictable cliches are in there. but overall, it's a good movie.

Comic-book related stuff (part 1)-

Well, over the past few weeks I celebrated my friend's birthday a few days earlier at a pre-bithday party in Monsey. Got him a DVD of Kick-A(fill in the blank), and a Batman T-shirt (which he wore the next day to work.) Cute, huh?


Comic-book related stuff (Part 2)

Trying to catch up on some Marvel and DC stuff I missed over the summer.

Dude, Nightcrawler got killed off in Marvel, New Krypton-and a bunch of Kryptonian-exploded, so they're done forin DC, and Wonder Woman got a costume do-over in DC!

What is going ON?!! Did I miss something?

And now Spidergirl, from Marvel, is getting cancelled for a 5th time- 'kay, technically it was already cancelled the 4th time, but this time there's even a fancy title:

Spidergirl: The End.

Now, I love this character and hope that it doesn't go the way of the dodo, but seriously...

We fans care about her, too.

Don't cancel something that has a bunch of readers just for the sake of hyping and getting even more readers!

It doesn't matter if it's the end or just the beginning, each character should pick up where the other generation left off.

I mean, that's what Mayday Parker/Spidergirl/daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker did as soon as she developed her abilities.

As many of you know I'm actually a DC comics fan. (read: Supergirl, Batman, Wonder Woman..etc...)

but I'm expanding my Marvel knowledge as well.

Here's the general differences:


- uses actual places.

- has more culturally and ethnically diverse characters.

-tends to have more mob and gang stereotypes

-the character tends to have something done to them that gives them their abilities and how they psychologically deal with the aftermath of it.


-Doesn't use actual places, per se. (Unless you count Gotham City, New York and Leesburg, Virginia, to name a few.)

- the characters tend to be based off of myths, or the most famous one: a character's main planet explodes and as a baby, has a rocket ship landing on Earth, where he gets adopted by loving earth parents.

(the former, Wonder Woman for example; is based off a Greek myth, from what I understand of her origins, and the latter, Superman; is a mix of orphan, a biblical Moses or Jesus (take your pick.), Greek myth, Sufi and fantasy.

-only in the 90's, have I realized, that the characters get more psychological in nature. Supergirl from 1996 is the prime example I'm giving here.


-how the characters act and react in particular situations given to them.

-why they got their powers and what their aftermath is because of it.

-how it affects their family and friends.

-Do they tell someone that they're a Superhero, if so, why or why not?

-What are the consequences? Do immediate family members get hurt because of it?


And here's my little rant on double standards in comic books, embedded with quotes from Michelle from

The female heroes are sometimes accepted (in the 90's and today in some cases) in mainstream comic book culture as just a sex object, a background character just for show, or something to that extent.

"...I would have been happy with just extending her blue thong to blue pants. Problem solved. That’s how you make permanent changes that go down easy: one small change at a time. By trashing the classic costume completely, they’re guaranteeing that they’ll go back to the bathing suit in a couple years, and we won’t be able to complain about it. “See, we tried giving her pants but the readers hated it!”..."

Give or take half a year, and I'm sure they'll re-think the re-do option.

Sadly, It reminds me of Michael Turner's Kara. Love the artist. Hate the storyline. Kara isn't jail bait for fan boys and neither is WW.

Neither do male characters have to be uber-masculine and buff, I'm fine with them being normal for once. Like Richard Malverne in Supergirl from the 90's.

Gotta love it. Great series. ^_^

We really need more people like Igle and Gates that take the character seriously. Simone would be good to bring to the table, again.

Then again...


BTW, a friend of mine (male, BTW) is catching up with the Return of Bruce Wayne. The only thing that bugs me about it was....

Wasn't his eyes seared out of his skull in Final Crisis by Darksied? How in EL would he survive something like that?! Isn't that an "Epic Fail"- to quote G4's X-play- on their part?

"...I liked the cape she wore sometimes in the TV series (I’ve only seen the first season).
But mostly I really miss her red boots with the white stripe :( No one has boots like that anymore!"..."

Same here, M. The writers of the Justice League and the Justice League Unlimited series did WW the best. She was a HERO dammit, and had emotions and feelings, too.

And finally thought before I go, I just found out Laura Vandervoort's back as Supergirl in Smallville Season 10!


I hope they write her off well since it's Smallville's final season. I'm hoping for a spin-off based on her or the Green Arrow.

I'll be looking foward to seeing and reviewing it, in the coming year.