Friday, September 24, 2010

Okay, came in early for class...

Got to college early. This day should get interesting...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Untitled Story: Violet Vigilante...Wait, that's a title...

A practice on dialogue: edited for your enjoyment.

Note to Readers: Some names of the characters here are made up, other names are actually-gasp- real. Sort of auto-biographical. But I had fun with this, did seven revisions-yeah seven- of the same thing. Got a B+ on it when I got it back last semester. Yay!

Notes from teacher: The whole God/biblical authors-issue down there's debatable. ^_^ Need to practice on creating a good "bad guy" character for this tiny side-project. Character's "too powerful", needs a weakness.

Thinking of doing a comic to this... Anyways, here it is...

My name shouldn’t be a concern to you, but if you’re inclined to know stuff like that, then my name’s Esther. As for my age, well, let’s just say I’m legally able to drink here in the good ol’ U.S. of A where I was born in New York and raised in central New Jersey. Now, for my occupation: I’m a college student by day… and by night?

Well, I do things that you humans don’t do. It’s not anything illegal; If you thought that then shame on you. I might have to come after you for that; if you are what I think you are. Yeah, you heard me right; what not who. You see, I’m not exactly “human”, I may look like one, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

Okay, the truth is: I hunt evil. You think I’m nuts, don’t you? Well, evil does exist, physically, mentally, even psychically…but most of all, paranormally. It can come at any place, any time- usually around the magic stroke of 12, and when it does, I’m there. I’m not a demon, though I’m related to a force similar to it- I’m an Angel: (A hidden one, to be exact.)

It all began when I was walking through the park one day on the way home. I sensed that I had dropped something from my backpack on the way, so naturally, I stopped, kneeled down and looked through my school bag.

I felt a breeze behind me. Thinking it was the wind, I ignored it. Boy was I wrong about that assumption.

“Hi!” I heard a lost voice that I haven’t talked to in two years.

I looked up and said only one word, “Eric?”

He nodded; his baby blue eyes were now a startling form of violet.

“What happened to you? Well- other than you dying.” I asked him.

He smirked, “The Big Guy gave me Ascension.”

“A what?” , I said giving him a quizzical look.

He sighed, “He turned me into one of his angelic messengers.”

“You say it as if that’s a bad thing.” I said, smirking.

“It isn’t.” he said sternly, giving me a glare.

“Right... So, how are you?”

I mentally rolled my eyes, annoyed at myself that I couldn’t think of anything
better to say. Note to self: never say that, again.

“I’m good”, he said lowering his gaze at me. His voice turned serious with a mischievous little smirk.

“Look Esther. I don’t have a lot of time, but there’s something I need to give to
you before you go. Besides, The Big Guy has a Halo 3 tournament at twelve with
Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Swayze.”

I chuckled and then he leaned in close and kissed me. I felt renewed, somehow. Like

I had gained something else without knowing what it was. I walked home, dazed, as he

The next evening, I woke up in my room and went into the bathroom, doing what I usually do- and took a shower. After I had taken the shower, I noticed that I had changed. I mean, I still had my thick, dark hair and bushy eyebrows, but my eyes had changed as I looked really close at them. They were once a dark chocolate brown and now they were a dark violet; just like Eric’s eyes.

“Hi there,” he said appearing cheerfully inside the mirror.

I nearly screamed, but held it in and leapt a foot in the air, realizing that I was hovering. Not to mention I had a massive headache.

“H-What did you do to me?!” I stammered at him.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“You call this-” I pointed to where there was a gap of air between me and the floor of the bathroom, “NOTHING?!” I seethed, trying to keep my voice down and glared at the hazy mirror with his face on it.

“Look, I did you a favor. The thing is, we need you the way you are now-”

“What do you need me for? No wait, I know. So I could be part of a three ring
circus!” I said sarcastically perking an eyebrow.

He was about to say something when I interrupted him again, “Who’s ‘we’?”

“Me, the Big Guy, and others like me,” he said ticking each point off with his fingers.
“Okay…So, what happened?” I said slowly.

He sighed, “Well, do you remember what happened on the sixth day of Creation?”

I wasn’t dumb. I had been to Hebrew School and knew it by heart.

“Yeah, God created Day and Night.”

He waggled a finger, “Ah, but that’s where our story begins. The authors of the Bible forgot to mention that the Big Guy created Good and Evil, too. You see, the evil that exists today is far worse than what fiction seems to be. -”

“What are you getting at?” I asked, quizzically.

“There are Demons and Angels, both good and bad, but there’s only one person in every generation-”

“Let me guess- I’m ‘The Chosen One’, right?”

He groaned, “You’re not Buffy Summers, Esther! You’re the Angel of Justice.”

“And cue the triumphant music” I said, ignoring him and focused on a soap bar in the
bathroom- intently. It floated a few feet upwards. “Dude, I have telekinesis? Sweet!”

“Will you listen to me for once?!” he snapped. I quickly turned my head in his direction and the soap bar dropped with a soft thud into the sink.

“Now that you have these gifts, you need to be careful using them.” He continued.

“And how do you suppose I do that?” I asked him.

“You’ll find a way.” He said giving me a wink as he vanished into thin air, leaving me in the bathroom for a few minutes.

I went downstairs, looked at the clock, and realized I just missed my morning course.

“How come no one told me it was already four in the evening?” I screamed to no one
in particular. The dog woke up with a start, following me to the kitchen.

I noticed the house was empty, except for a note on the fridge by my mom.

There’s money on the piano, sorry about not waking you. You looked peaceful just sleeping. Remember to clean the house before I come home and get the cell phone.

I sighed, taking the note off of the fridge. My sister was at work, so was my mom and dad. And as usual I had to get the house cleaned before I go anywhere. I grinned.

This is where the fun begins.

I cleaned the house in half an hour, grabbed the cell phone, and my backpack before
I left.

I went to the college by bus and met my friend Chu at the lounge.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“Nothing much.” I replied monotonously, as she put her note book down and circled around me.

“You look different.” She stated.

“Uhm. I washed my hair with a different shampoo?” I said, my voice cracking a bit.

She put a finger to her mouth and stroked her chin, “Nope. Not that.”

Then I felt it: something, a bad vibe coming from behind me.

“Excuse me for a minute.” I said, lowering my voice, looking at where that feeling
is coming from.

I saw college kids in all heights and shapes: tall, short, skinny, pudgy. But there
was one that was different and I bet that he could sense it, too. Then he vanished.

I walked to the wall near the student center, ripped off my glasses, stuffing them
into my back pocket as my eyes shifted to a bright violet.

I picked up his scent of off the wall. He was about to go into a dark alleyway; I just hoped that I could make it in time.

I concentrated on teleporting. Sifting through the usual chatter around school, I heard a stifled scream. In one swift movement I lifted my head and teleported right
in front of Katie- a good friend of mine, who was about to become a human shish kabob for a demon.

“You really don’t want to do that.” I said, staring into his red-black eyes.

Peeling off my jacket off, Katie stared at me, blue-eyes wide open, holding onto the gutter near the brick wall for dear life.

He froze. A wicked looking knife stopped inches towards my face.

I grabbed the knife, broke the blade, along with the hilt, and told him to run, my eyes already a deadly shade of violet.

“Thank you-,” she said gratefully, then looked closely at me.

I felt her eyes squint at me for a second as I half-turned towards her and
said, “Your Welcome.” in a hushed tone.

Her mouth hung open, as I pushed off and flew back to the main part of college,
landing in a deserted back alley, brushing the loose fragments of the knife off of my jacket.

“Hey, Esther!”

My eyes widened, startled at the deep-but chipper- voice.

Someone saw me?

As I emerged from the back alley, I saw a tall long-haired, blond young man standing near the walkway holding a pair of super-large headphones. A black wire snaked out of his jeans pocket, which was holding an I-pod.

I narrowed my eyes at Axe.

“Oh, It’s you.”, I deadpanned.

“Something wrong?” he asked me as he put his inhumanly- large hands around me, giving me a hug, which I gave back to him.

I looked at him, “With me? Nah. Just have things on my mind.”

He smiled at me as we walked in perfect cadence with each other, “Penny for your thoughts?”

I chuckled at him, “You know me by now, Axe. You’d have enough money to buy yourself two I-pads.”

He smirked, noting that they’re expensive, then lowered his voice, “I’m serious, Esther. Is there something wrong? You haven’t chatted with anyone in the Anime club for over a month, now. We were beginning to think you were abandoning us.”

“You’re my best friends. I’d never do that. Just had a bunch of papers to hand i-” I paused, “-You know you almost gave me a heart attack back there?”

“Sorry.” He said, sheepishly. He knew I got scared easily.

“So what’s up with you? Any new movie showings over there or club events I’m not aware of?” I asked him as we settled into an empty table at the cafeteria.

His eyes brightened, “As a matter of fact, Yeah. The club’s going to Anime Boston.
Just wondering if you’re up to it. I mean, if your mom lets and all-”

I smiled, “Don’t worry. I’ve been getting good grades so far in the semester. I’m definitely ready to finally go to a convention.”

I’ve been waiting to go to one since I was 13, but haven’t had the chance to do it until now.

“You know you can make one, right?” he stated.

I nodded, “Yeah, but Katie’s usually the one that helps me out with the costumes. Well, I gotta go. Have class soon. I’ll talk to you on Monday, ‘kay?, if I get here early.”

“Sure thing.” He said, his hazel eyes glanced at me for a second.

“You ok?” I asked him, quizzically.

“Something looks different about you. Just can’t place it, that’s all.” He said slowly, as if measuring his words against my gaze.

As my sister and I pulled up to school the next day, I saw a reporter outside of the school.

“What’s up with that?” , my sister asked me as I shrugged.

I scanned the area to see if Katie was around and I saw her all the way in the back, heading inside.

Tight security around campus, too.

A crowd had already gathered around the dark-haired brunette reporter with gray eyes.

As soon as my sister drove off, the reporter came alongside of me and asked, “ So, what are your opinions about this purple vigilante that’s bouncing around campus?”

“Purple vigilante?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at her.

That’s what they’re calling me?

“Rumor has it that the people around here like her. “, she stated.

“Well, I’m all for it. We need more people like her around. God only knows what can
happen around here at nightfall.” I said, smiling at her.

“Are you a friend of the victim, Katie?”

I paused, correcting her, “First of all, she’s not a victim, she’s a very good
friend of mine.”

“I see. So, you must be grateful to see her-” she said.

I nodded.

“-back in one piece.” , she finished.

I narrowed my eyes at her. My eyes faintly glowing in a deadly shade of
violet, “What are you trying to imply here, Mrs. -That I’m not thankful for counting
my blessings and hers, too? Let me ask you something: if you were in my friends' position, would you be thankful for surviving this ordeal, or would you go after the poor idiot who did this to you?”

She looked at me, mouth hung open, then cleared her throat, “There you have it folks, another campus student thankful for this unknown hero. Signing off, this is Jessica Stein for Reporter Daily.”

“And that’s a wrap.” The cameraman said as he shut off the hulking mass of recording machinery on his shoulder.

“That’s for sure.-” Stein acknowledged, then turned to me, “ Y’know, kid, you gave me some good footage here. Too bad I got to cut some of it out so we can get it on the air.”

I shrugged, “Gave it my best shot. I’m going to be seeing this on the news, tonight?”

She nodded.


I headed towards Creative Writing, where, of course, everyone was excitedly talking about the hero thing.

“What’s up?” I asked Terrence who, in turn looked at me oddly.

“You don’t know? Rumor has it that there’s this purple-eyed Superhero running’ around.”

“So I’ve heard. What do you think about her-I mean, it.” I quickly corrected myself, thankful he didn’t notice.

“I think whoever it is-is doing a great job. I mean, a superhero-here, of all the places?” he smiled.

I saw Bones slumped near the back wall, headphones up, metal music blaring.
She looked at me took off her headphones and shrugged, “If you’re asking me. I think it’s a prank.”

I slid near her, sitting near the wall, bringing my arms around my knees, “How’s so?”

“Oh, C’mon. Either it’s just a ploy for a new mascot or whoever this kid is-is pulling off one of the greatest mysteries ever. I mean the cops are relying on a visual of a fast –moving-purple blur, which they got from a security camera. Didn’t show a thing. No facial recognition. Nothing. It only shows the victim looking stunned for a full two minutes.”

I looked at her, “That’s odd.”

But I smiled inwardly.

“You’re telling me.” She said as she scooped up her belongings and walked into the classroom.

The class ended early and Aria asked if I was going to the cafeteria. I nodded.

As I was walking upstairs, I felt a bad vibe.

I stiffened and scanned the stairway.

“You ok?”

Aria asked me and as we walked into the cafeteria, it faded.

“Yeah I think-“

As we got some food, the bad vibe started again.

Someone was following me.

“I’m going to use the ladies room.” I said cautiously, as I walked towards the bathroom, food in hand.

The pull was stronger out here.

I narrowed my eyes again, scanning everyone that passed me by; eyes turning a bright violet, again.

Focusing intently, my eyesight zoomed in-to friends and enemies alike. It was like looking through the scope of a camera-sharpening on the object, while everything else around it was distorted.

The feeling faded.

Turning off the “hyper-zoom”, I walked back inside the cafeteria where I bumped into Katie.

“Hey, what’s up?” I said to her as I helped pick up her laptop.

“Nothing much.”

“You noticed the tight security around here?” I said as I noted more public service rent-a-cops that usual in the cafeteria.

“Yeah.-” she nodded, “I assume yopu were filled in on the vigilante stuff?”

I nodded, “Yeah. Strange thing is- don’t really consider myself one.”

Her eyes widened as she stammered, “Y-You’re her?”

I nodded and told her to be quiet.

She cleared her throat, “Well, at least you weren’t hounded by reporters nonstop.”

“You’re wrong on that one.” I said smiling, “Had a run in with Jessica Stein.”

She looked up, stunned, “Jessica Stein? The Jessica Stein?”

“Yeah what’s the big deal?”

“She’s like the one-woman version of TMZ.”

“Oh, so that’s a bad thing, right?” I said, slowly.

She shook her head, “Nah. She tends to be even worse than ‘The Smoking Gun’. She
hasn’t had a big hit since the Rosie fallout.”

“‘Rosie fallout’? As in Rosie O’ Donell?” I asked her as we got some food.

“Yeah, that’s the one. She predicted Rosie’s show will go on for another decade.
Guess she was wrong about that.”

She slurped on her juice box.

I smirked, “I kind of liked her show, though. It wasn’t like the shows we have now where anyone can be famous just by doing something stupid. I mean, Jerry Springer spinoff starring the main security guy from the show? Kind of lame if you ask me.”

She laughed, and then I saw her eyes darken.

“You heard about what happened to Holly?” Katie asked me as we got some food.

I shook my head, “No. What happened?”

“She tried to do some dark magic spell last week and it back fired.”

“Is she okay?”

“That depends on what you think ‘okay’ is.” she said, slurping on a juice box.

“Well-I just hope she isn’t hurt. That’s all.” I said, giving a shrug.

As I walked home from school, I walked through Radburn Park, noticing something different. Katie said something about Holly experimenting with dark magic- which can’t be good considering the fact that she just got her Wiccan license last year and told me that she experimented with some minor spells on a few friends of hers.

I listened to the background noise, thinking it could give me an idea.
Instead, I heard the crunch of leaves behind me.

I knew that the footsteps weren’t my own: they felt lighter and fell with a slow
pacing to them.

“Looking for these, Esther?” I heard her say, appearing out of a nearby brush in a pinkish haze.

No. It couldn’t be…

“Holly?” I said, my voice faltering as she held up my civilian clothes, “-But how?”

She smirked, her eyes glittering; a blood red with a hidden knowledge, “If I told you that then I’d have to kill you, right?”


Friday, September 17, 2010

A few weeks into the semester and I already have homework?!

So, over the week I've had a bunch of assignments for my courses:

-Mostly Math homework (which involves having to go on a site and solve a bunch of little equations.)I'm doing well, so far. I go to tutoring for this stuff so, I'm going to have to see if that works ...

-I have a Speech Communication assignment due later on in the semester, that I'm doing with a small group. It involves looking at Taiwanese culture (which I know absolutely nothing about.)

-and in my History course I have to do a two-paged essay assignment regarding -and I quote- "Which woman do you admire?" Doesn't have to be in History, Per Se, which is wonderful. In the end, I might do myself or my mom. Either way, we're both admirable.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Okay... I saw "Eat Pray Love"

Okay, over the week I had a sister night out with my little sis and we saw "Eat Pray Love". Y'know that Julia Roberts movie "everybody's" (and I'm using that term very loosely here.) talking about? Yeah, that one.

Look, don't get me wrong here; Julia Roberts and James Franco are amazing actors but the movie was too long! I just can't sit on my booty that long, looking at the rest of the movie go-ers in the theatre ,thinking to myself, "when will it end?"

Btw, I have some wonderful comics news to share with you all over at my Livejournal!

(And no. I'm not spoiling it over here). Enjoy!: