Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So, I watched "The Boy Who Cried Werewolf"

(Disclaimer: the picture above is courtesy of google. So, I don't own crud.)

As the title says, It's a werewolf flick.

Now, before seeing this movie I thought it was one of those movies that was just scrapped up together-because vampires were "so last year" and werewolves are the "It" thing, now- with no actual plot and no great one-liners, but it's actually a great film!

Victoria Justice stars in this one as Jordan Sands- the ultimate geek who's horrible at sports and doesn't have great hand-eye co-ordination, is a vegan, has a crush with the uber-jock in the school-who later cheats on her with a popular chick, and has allergies to grass, dogs and pollen.

She has an annoying little brother who's hooked onto video games, skips school-karma comes back around for him, though- and pranks everyone around him and ends up becoming a biological werewolf.

They live with their dad (their mom passed away when they were young)and the daughter tries to hook him up with the next neighbor.

Strange things abound when a mysterious package winds up-literally-on their doorstep: they end up inheriting a Romanian castle that holds a bunch of creepy secrets-including Brooke Shields as the memorable and creepy "Madame Varcolac" (insert a wolf howl here) along with a horrible Romanian-accent.

Her dad gets a romantic love interest-well actually two- one is their next door neighbor in their original home and the other is an over-achieving real-estate agent who turns out to be a vampire in Wolfsburg, Romainia.

Basically, werewolves are the good guys in this flick, and vampires are the evil ones.

So, after two days of crappy wi-fi connections and scoping around the neighborhood where Jordan meets Goran, another person with a bad accent ^_^ -a new love interest who also happens to work as a butcher in a market place, Jordan and her brother Hunter, find a hidden passageway in the castle with a wifi connection.

They snoop around and find a bunch of vials filled with blood in the back of the room. When Madame Varcolac comes looking for them, Jordan drops the vial of werewolf blood in a rush and accidentally steps onto the glass shards, infecting her with it.

So, she changes- sprouting fur in unwanted places, gets enhanced senses, becomes agile and acrobatic, has super-fast reflexes, gets cravings for meat and has mood swings.

Either way, there's a happy ending; she dumps the popular guy after he asks her to prom, bringing Goran all the way from Romania to be her date.

The whole cast even has a memorable sing-along- at the end of the movie- to Britney Spears' hit "Oops did it again". There were lots of running gags in this film, too. The wolf howls being one of them.

The movie reminded me a lot of the plot to Spiderman and it works here, too: a dorky kid gets superpowers after a freak accident and tries to change the world.

It's a great film, though. And I plan to download it once I get an I-pod touch or I-phone.

Friday, October 15, 2010

I’m Anything But Ordinary: A Supergirl Fan Looks Back At What Made Supergirl “Super”

There’s something that I want to get off my chest right now: I’m a female comic book fan. I’ve been one my whole life. The problem is not many people-my parents are included in this- agree with the fact that females can read comic books, because they’re geared mostly towards the guys (Sequential Tart). However, I’m the exception to this belief. This is who I am. Now, if you could be anyone you admire who would it be and why? It’s a question many people have asked me throughout my life. As I write this, there are a bunch of women whose characteristics I admire: Lynda Carter’s wonderful-pardon the pun- and humanistic portrayal of Wonder Woman on the 1970’s TV series; Kristen Bell’s offbeat humor as the title character in Veronica Mars; Mellissa Etheridge’s rhythm and guitar skills- which when done acoustically sound amazing; My mother’s spectacular “sixth sense” of knowing what I’m doing at home when she’s calling me from work; and, finally, Jane Austen’s satirical outlook on life in the Victorian Era- just to name a few. But, being the comic book enthusiast that I am, I’m actually going to pick a fictional female character I’ve admired for this one: Supergirl.

Growing up, I was immersed in fantasy TV shows like “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”. My dad and I would memorize the schedule and set time aside so that we would sit on the couch and watch the latest episode. After the show aired, he and I would discuss what we liked and didn’t like about the episode and what would we have done if we were in the main character’s shoes. When I was around 15, I went online and saw a comic book series that changed my mind (and later my life) about picking a male Superhero- which was Batman at the time-mind you: It was called Supergirl and it was written by some guy named Peter David back in 1996- who I later found wrote a bunch of fan fiction before his run on Supergirl (David) . He took a character that was so two-dimensional back in the 1960’s through the 1980’s and made her sound…well…human. The back story of this series starts off with a shape shifting Supergirl from a galaxy “far, far away” who lands on Earth intent on saving a young woman named Linda Danvers from becoming a Satanic cult sacrifice. When she does save Linda, Supergirl blends by-God-knows-what-sort-of-means with Linda and the two become one: “…One who lost her faith and another who gained it.” (Supergirl, Volume 4, Issue 1.) She lived in a small town called Leesburg with her parents, had a boyfriend named Richard Malverne, and she even argued with her parents-who almost divorced when they found out about her fighting crime as Supergirl (issue, 14.). Her mom was an alcoholic, and her dad was a cop (issues 16-19). Comet the Superhorse was no longer a horse, now, but a centaur/ male superhero whose alter ego was a lesbian and Linda’s boyfriend, Richard, died of an inexplicably large tumor near his liver, in a later story arc, which sends her, both as Supergirl and Linda, spiraling into a deep depression (issues, 47-48).

Mixing the perky, larger-than-life-shape-shifting-pink-pile-of-goo that was Supergirl with a human that had a dark past was perfect. She was everything that I wanted to be and similar to me, too… well, except for the demonic cult sacrifice bit. She was sarcastic, blunt, stubborn, strong, brave and not afraid to speak her mind when others confronted her. My favorite sarcastic quote is in one scene in issue 21, Supergirl is in her secret Identity as Linda Danvers and is being hauled away by a villain and she says this: “Terrific. The most powerful female in Leesburg [is] being carted around like a sack of wheat. This’ll look great on my resume.”(Page 14). There were even some hints as to her being a homosexual (issue 26 page 4-21)-which was interesting, as Andy, a friend of hers, puts it in the same issue, “…It’s great to be loved. No greater feeling in the world. And maybe he’s [Richard, her boyfriend at the time] where your head is at…Or maybe your interests are really elsewhere and it’s just the emotion that draws you.”(Page 12). She, like me, even has faith issues. In issue 19, Supergirl befriends a bow-tie-baseball-bat carrying boy who claims that he’s “God”. I envied the fact that she could even talk to him, let alone discuss theological issues with him and ask him questions (pages 6-9). Specifically, she says, “You say you’re God. Prove it.” He then laughs and asks her what In particular does she want him to do and she replies, sarcastically “A miracle is the traditional method.” (page 7).

Sadly, the series ended in 2003, but it had another unexpected twist or two. Supergirl/ Linda lost her powers halfway through the series, and then regained some of them in time to meet the original perky Supergirl. She also went back in time to try and prevent the death of the perky Supergirl, marry Superman, and have a daughter named Ariella. The perky Supergirl ended up dying, either way. Feeling burdened with the guilt, Linda hung up the cape feeling that she “couldn’t live up to the high standards” that the ‘S’ had (Many Happy Returns story arc).

In my fan fictions, I looked deep into the psyche of the character and tried to find out what made her tick: the symbiotic relationships, did her relationships with people she once knew, change between her and her supporting cast mates? (Supergirl: Legends, Part 3), and most of all what happened in that mind of hers as soon as she got those abilities , her reason for saving people in the first place and why she does it to begin with (Supergirl: Legends, Chapter 10). Not only are there symbiotic relationships but there’s her lasting legacy as a hero in general, the following quote says it best, “People in this world call me their savior, Richard. But the truth is I’m nothing like that. I can’t control who I save today, but I can control who will be saved tomorrow, the next day, or the day after. I’m not perfect; Richard and I don’t expect you to be. But I’m here to make the world right.” (Supergirl: Legends, Chapter 10)

In conclusion, It was who Supergirl was that made her one of my favorite female comic book characters. Mr. David took a character that was so two-dimensional back in the 1960’s through the 1980’s and made her sound…well…human. She had similar a personality to me about being sarcastic about life, others questioning my sexuality, being a kid at heart, faith and being a true hero. In the end, being the exception to the rule that females can’t read comic books because they’re geared towards guys, made me look back at what made them “super” in the first place.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Comic Review – Team Spectacular

Man, I was a preemie, too. Maybe I should do something like this: Comic Review – Team Spectacular

Friday, October 8, 2010

Okay, I'm doing a fictional character for the essay... and other updates...

Okay, now, I'm apparently going to the wedding since I have a choice of either staying at home and cleaning or going to Brooklyn with my sister and her friend.(and my sister said I'm coming to the bride-to be.)


Now for the essay, a while back I told you guys that I'm doing an essay on who I admire and that I picked either my mom or myself for that...

well... instead, I'm picking Supergirl (the 1996-2003 version written by Peter David.)


Picture taken from (Issue 4 page 21):

This should get interesting...

Monday, October 4, 2010

So, the verdict turns out to be...

I had an argument with my mom about going to the NYCC last night, and she doesn't want me to go.

So, I guess I won't be going, again.

She even talked to the guy who's taking me, and told him her issue about it...

So, on the bright side: Either way, we're probably going watch Kick-Ass, together on Sunday. And I'm not going to the wedding, I barely know the people who are getting married.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Can't remember what happened last night... and other recent news...

Disclaimer to readers: All the pics on this post are from google, therefore, I don't own them.


last night I went down with my brother (who's officially billed as David Webb's producer) and sister to Six Flags and met up with David Webb (he's the head-guy for the NY section of this Tea Party-thing that's been all over the news) for the "Restoring America Rally":

(the picture above is from here:

I had alot of fun! I also met up with Andrew Wilkow (who brought family and his little girl to the rally):

Some guy named Walid Shoebat. (I got a free magnet from him that says "You have now entered a Lashon Hora-Free Zone. Lashon Hora is loosely translated [by me] in Hebrew for trying to not speak decietefully against others :

Lloyd Marcus (who was hillarious! he sang a Frank Sinatra song and had ladies from the audience join in on "New York,New York" for a long kick line) [after the perfomance he went down to the loo, where I congragulated him (outside, of course)on a job well done.]:

Andrew "Hard Hat Andy" Sullivan (I loved his patriotic hard hat, and I'm getting a few pictures of him sent by mail. Probably even signed, too.):

I saw Judge Napolitano walk around the back of the stage with a bunch of security guards.:

Didn't get to meet Glen Back,though. We ended up leaving as he walked in:

Chatted with David Webb about current issues like what his thoughts were on about the Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi/the guy that jumped from the GWB:

Me: "So what's your view about it?

Mr. Webb: "It's a sad thing, It should've never happened."

Me: "Yeah, with technology nowadays, poeple can do the stupidest things and post them. They don't even realize the consequences until a few seconds later."

I agree, Mr. Webb, I agree.

It's sad that with the technology we have these days, we can push someone to do something stupid like that.

Later on in the night, I went out with my siblings and had my first clubbing experience.

All I remember is that I showed my sister a thing or two about taking a shot of vodka straight up.

Hangovers suck. I can barely type today, because of it.

In some way or another, the pictures from last night are going to surface onto Facebook...

and when it does, it should be interesting.... I wonder how the picture came out.

P.s As I went over this for a post-edit, I realized I had a buch of typos. Man, my hands don't want to work with me today!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Okay...I'm planning to go to New York Comic con 2010

Okay...It's official:

I'm planning to go to New York Comic Con 2010. Need to tell my mom-first off, then buy the tickets and plan who I'm cosplaying (re: dressing up to all you non-comic book geeks) as.

Either it's Mariabai (as seen below from Superman issue #692) [it's a difficult costume to make,'cause there's a bunch of stuff that goes along with it.]:

or Linda Danvers (which is a simple costume consisting of jeans,a plaid jacket and a pair of converse sneakers)[Yeah, since this is the easiest to make, I'm probably choosing this one.]:

The picture below is from "Supergirl Plus Shazam" Page 8: