Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Can't remember what happened last night... and other recent news...

Disclaimer to readers: All the pics on this post are from google, therefore, I don't own them.


last night I went down with my brother (who's officially billed as David Webb's producer) and sister to Six Flags and met up with David Webb (he's the head-guy for the NY section of this Tea Party-thing that's been all over the news) for the "Restoring America Rally":

(the picture above is from here:

I had alot of fun! I also met up with Andrew Wilkow (who brought family and his little girl to the rally):

Some guy named Walid Shoebat. (I got a free magnet from him that says "You have now entered a Lashon Hora-Free Zone. Lashon Hora is loosely translated [by me] in Hebrew for trying to not speak decietefully against others :

Lloyd Marcus (who was hillarious! he sang a Frank Sinatra song and had ladies from the audience join in on "New York,New York" for a long kick line) [after the perfomance he went down to the loo, where I congragulated him (outside, of course)on a job well done.]:

Andrew "Hard Hat Andy" Sullivan (I loved his patriotic hard hat, and I'm getting a few pictures of him sent by mail. Probably even signed, too.):

I saw Judge Napolitano walk around the back of the stage with a bunch of security guards.:

Didn't get to meet Glen Back,though. We ended up leaving as he walked in:

Chatted with David Webb about current issues like what his thoughts were on about the Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi/the guy that jumped from the GWB:

Me: "So what's your view about it?

Mr. Webb: "It's a sad thing, It should've never happened."

Me: "Yeah, with technology nowadays, poeple can do the stupidest things and post them. They don't even realize the consequences until a few seconds later."

I agree, Mr. Webb, I agree.

It's sad that with the technology we have these days, we can push someone to do something stupid like that.

Later on in the night, I went out with my siblings and had my first clubbing experience.

All I remember is that I showed my sister a thing or two about taking a shot of vodka straight up.

Hangovers suck. I can barely type today, because of it.

In some way or another, the pictures from last night are going to surface onto Facebook...

and when it does, it should be interesting.... I wonder how the picture came out.

P.s As I went over this for a post-edit, I realized I had a buch of typos. Man, my hands don't want to work with me today!


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