Friday, October 1, 2010

Okay...I'm planning to go to New York Comic con 2010

Okay...It's official:

I'm planning to go to New York Comic Con 2010. Need to tell my mom-first off, then buy the tickets and plan who I'm cosplaying (re: dressing up to all you non-comic book geeks) as.

Either it's Mariabai (as seen below from Superman issue #692) [it's a difficult costume to make,'cause there's a bunch of stuff that goes along with it.]:

or Linda Danvers (which is a simple costume consisting of jeans,a plaid jacket and a pair of converse sneakers)[Yeah, since this is the easiest to make, I'm probably choosing this one.]:

The picture below is from "Supergirl Plus Shazam" Page 8:

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