Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So, I watched "The Boy Who Cried Werewolf"

(Disclaimer: the picture above is courtesy of google. So, I don't own crud.)

As the title says, It's a werewolf flick.

Now, before seeing this movie I thought it was one of those movies that was just scrapped up together-because vampires were "so last year" and werewolves are the "It" thing, now- with no actual plot and no great one-liners, but it's actually a great film!

Victoria Justice stars in this one as Jordan Sands- the ultimate geek who's horrible at sports and doesn't have great hand-eye co-ordination, is a vegan, has a crush with the uber-jock in the school-who later cheats on her with a popular chick, and has allergies to grass, dogs and pollen.

She has an annoying little brother who's hooked onto video games, skips school-karma comes back around for him, though- and pranks everyone around him and ends up becoming a biological werewolf.

They live with their dad (their mom passed away when they were young)and the daughter tries to hook him up with the next neighbor.

Strange things abound when a mysterious package winds up-literally-on their doorstep: they end up inheriting a Romanian castle that holds a bunch of creepy secrets-including Brooke Shields as the memorable and creepy "Madame Varcolac" (insert a wolf howl here) along with a horrible Romanian-accent.

Her dad gets a romantic love interest-well actually two- one is their next door neighbor in their original home and the other is an over-achieving real-estate agent who turns out to be a vampire in Wolfsburg, Romainia.

Basically, werewolves are the good guys in this flick, and vampires are the evil ones.

So, after two days of crappy wi-fi connections and scoping around the neighborhood where Jordan meets Goran, another person with a bad accent ^_^ -a new love interest who also happens to work as a butcher in a market place, Jordan and her brother Hunter, find a hidden passageway in the castle with a wifi connection.

They snoop around and find a bunch of vials filled with blood in the back of the room. When Madame Varcolac comes looking for them, Jordan drops the vial of werewolf blood in a rush and accidentally steps onto the glass shards, infecting her with it.

So, she changes- sprouting fur in unwanted places, gets enhanced senses, becomes agile and acrobatic, has super-fast reflexes, gets cravings for meat and has mood swings.

Either way, there's a happy ending; she dumps the popular guy after he asks her to prom, bringing Goran all the way from Romania to be her date.

The whole cast even has a memorable sing-along- at the end of the movie- to Britney Spears' hit "Oops did it again". There were lots of running gags in this film, too. The wolf howls being one of them.

The movie reminded me a lot of the plot to Spiderman and it works here, too: a dorky kid gets superpowers after a freak accident and tries to change the world.

It's a great film, though. And I plan to download it once I get an I-pod touch or I-phone.

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