Monday, January 24, 2011

Just found out the "Wizard Magazine" is closing up shop. WHAAT?!

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Like Ryan here, I'm saddened to see it go.

The last time I bought a Wizard magazine was when they had the #100 issue or was it Joss Whedon's take on the X-Men in "Astonishing X-men"? No wait I DEFINETLY had this:

[All I remember was that I had an issue with Marvel Boy and possibly this was when Nightcrawler was rumored to be in the second film with costume rediesigns:{The dude that can eat without barfing via:}]

I almost forgot!

I was actually quoted in the magazine a while back, too!

I remarked on the fact that in a previous issue there was an action figure of The Sentry that looked a bit like a biege-spandex-claded-and-bearded Chuck Norris.

(Yeah, I got some "Chuck Norris looks good in spandex (And if you say no, he'll come after you)" -type remarks on that thread after that. Never been back on that thread since. Oh, well.)

Hmm...Either way...I'm sad to see it go.


Hey, wait a second! Now they can do a comic book magazine for females!(I LOVE fangirl logic!. ^_^)

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