Monday, January 24, 2011

Okay..First day of school and I'm already excited. ^_^

Okay It's a new year and a new post up here.

Sorry about the long delay folks.I've been up on twitter (where you could tweet me. I'm on there as @ealperin. ^_^) and tumblr ( updating my thoughts and opinions on anything interesting comic book or TV show/TV movie-wise.

So... back to the post.

Not only did I come in early today...Over the break I found out my grades....And even my mom was surpirsed. ^_^

Here's the grades:

Women in American History: B

Speech Communication: B+

Basic Math Support: A

Basic Math Lab: B


Got my new Spring semester scheduale with me so here's the new courses:

American Lit 1880 to Present: Mondays and Weds from 1:40-3:00.

Algebra A: Tuesday's and Thursdays from 3:15-4:30.

Creative Writing (Fiction) workshop: Thursdays from 6:20-9:05.

All I can say is that last semester ROCKED! This one should rock, too. (Just need to start passing Algebra. ^_^) Take care everyone!

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